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Online Masters in Environmental Policy Programs often offer interdisciplinary explorations into the basic interconnections the environment, technology, markets, law, and policy. For individuals who aspire to being prepared to potentially solve the environmental challenges in local and global communities through innovative thinking, analysis, and in-depth knowledge of environmental policy and management, enrolling in an Online Environmental Policy Masters Program may be a great fit. Protecting the environment is becoming more important to us as individuals in the private sector, and businesses in the public sector. In an Online Masters in Environmental Policy, you will expand or acquire knowledge in natural resources, health and safety, renewable energies, and policy and management as each relates to the environment.

Online Masters in Environmental Policy: Essential Information

Online Environmental Policy Masters Program InformationPerhaps you have an undergraduate degree in Environmental Policy or a background in business, biology, chemistry, ecology, economics, statistics or management. All of these might make a good foundation for the application to an Online Masters in Environmental Policy, environmental science and policy, or environmental management programs.

Some online Environmental Policy Masters programs support the growth of current environmental professionals, including as preparation for a doctorate degree in Environmental Policy. Other programs may help individuals with limited science background enter a new career path. On average, an online master's degree in Environmental Policy might take 1-3 years beyond your undergraduate degree; it is always recommended to verify these details with your graduate school.

The other component that may vary is whether an online Environmental Policy Masters Program is asynchronous, synchronous, or 100% online. Asynchronous programs allow students to access their courses, which are pre-recorded, 24/7. Synchronous programs involve live-streaming classes. Some online programs may require visiting the campus at different intervals, or, if any laboratory work is involved, making arrangements for that. Again, requesting information from the graduate school is important, and you can do that directly from the site.

Potential Benefits to an Online Masters in Environmental Policy Program

Perhaps you are currently working in an entry-level job where earning a Masters degree might help you learn new skills and potentially be able to move up the ladder. You may want to ‘go back to school’ but it isn’t feasible to commute. This is where an online Masters program in Environmental Policy may be convenient. Study when you have time, from wherever you have your computer and Internet access is one possible scenario. In terms of staying connected, while you may not have the real-time social component of a campus program, digital technology provides virtual libraries for research, and online discussion boards, emails and web chats may provide some interaction with professors and faculty. Look into a program that has a good tech support as well.

If you work well independently, educational technology has come a long way, and an online degree may be work looking into. Initiate a search on the site to find listings such as; online Master of Science in Energy Policy and Climate or Online Master’s Degree in Business Administration –MBA-Environmental Policy.

Online Masters in Environmental Policy Degrees & Potential Coursework

You are ready to look into an Online Masters in Environmental Policy degree, and find there are different types of degrees. Do you choose an Online MBA with a specialization in Environmental Policy or a Online Master of Science in Environmental Policy and Management? A good rule of thumb is to investigate the curriculums and determine whether that program has the potential to bring you closer to your desired career outcome.

Online Masters in Environmental Policy Degree Programs are often interdisciplinary, blending such study fields as law, the social sciences, ecology, engineering, management and economics. In order to earn a masters or PhD degree in environmental policy, students must gain a clear understanding of environmental policies and the politics involved in their creation. 

The curriculum for an online Masters in Environmental Policy program may place emphasis on monitoring environmental issues, managing them, analyzing and understanding policy, and planning out sustainable solutions. Students learn about policy-making, including ethics, management, law and more.

The curriculum for an online MBA in Environmental Policy may have a slightly different program curriculum. A Masters in Business Administration program will often require core courses in business, management, finance, and marketing. Additional courses in formulation and implementation of equitable policies for sustainable operations, study of ecological issues and operations management may also be included.

Dual-degree MBA/Environmental Management online programs concentrate on both environmental science and business administration. Coursework is typically emphasized in the sciences, but may include disciplines like technology, policy and law, systems modeling and sustainability. These programs generally prepare students to address global issues facing the environment through sound and effective business practices.

Potential Careers in Environmental Policy

Graduates with an online Masters degree in Environmental Policy may be prepared for a variety of potential career paths. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in sustainability are becoming more popular, and green careers span a variety of different professionals.

What is a Sustainability Professional? Sustainability professionals help organizations achieve their goals by ensuring that their business practices are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable. These professionals may be business managers, scientists, or engineers; or they might come from other backgrounds. Although their specific career paths might differ, sustainability professionals promote environmental protection, social responsibility, and profitability.[i]

Potential job titles might include:

  • Policy analyst
  • Operations manager
  • Urban Planner
  • Environmental Lawyer

FUN FACT: According to ONET: ‘green economy’ is defined as economic activity related to reducing the use of fossil fuels, decreasing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the efficiency of energy usage, recycling materials, and developing and adopting renewable sources of energy.[ii]

Ready to Pursue an Online Masters Degree in Environmental Policy?

Online Masters in Environmental Policy programs may offer a great fit to individuals who have broad-based interests from science and ecology to business, law and management. If you do aspire to fine-tune your understanding of current issues to potentially be amongst the next generation of sustainability professionals, start reviewing your options on our site to find the program that matches your academic and vocational goals!

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