Online Masters Degrees in Agriculture & Ag Sci Grad Schools

With an online agriculture masters degree, you may study topics such as soil management, crop science, management, marketing and more. Compare graduate level degrees here.

What is a master’s degree in agriculture?

This graduate degree program in agriculture typically involves leadership and innovation training in the agricultural industry. The program may include courses to study crop science and soil management. It may also involve a concentration that the student chooses to fit their specific needs.

Who should consider a graduate degree in agriculture and ag sci programs?

Agricultural degrees at the master’s level may be beneficial for those who wish to lead operations on a farm or ranch, those who wish to develop innovative solutions or those who plan to start their own business. These courses may teach marketing, social conservation, and management skills to those working in the field.

Is it possible to complete an Ag Sci degree online?

Yes, there are colleges and universities that offer online master’s degree programs in agricultural studies. There are often various focus options to choose from as well as both fully online and hybrid options available. offers 8 Graduate Schools with Online Agriculture Graduate Masters Programs

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  • Green Mountain College

  • Washington State University

  • University of Nebraska - Lincoln

  • Kansas State University

  • University of Guelph

  • Sam Houston State University

  • Colorado State University

  • The University of Florida