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Online Masters in English Programs offer students the opportunity to explore a comprehensive program of graduate study in English, through Internet-based courses. 

Masters in English Online Degree Career Profile

What is an Online Masters in English Program?

Online Masters in English programs offers students with a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing or English the opportunity to continue their education in literature, linguistics, theory, research and rhetoric. Earning a Masters in English may help students to develop enriched writing, communication and critical thinking skills. You may have the opportunity to explore classic and contemporary literary works in a course of study customized to suit your academic and vocational goals. Some graduates of a Master in English Online program choose to further their education and earn Doctorates and PhD in English online, especially if they hope to pursue a career as an English professor.

How Long Might it Take To Earn a Masters in English?

Some students may be able to earn a Masters in English online in less than two years of full-time study, although program length varies. 

Why Consider Earning a Masters in English Online?

  • Convenience. In many cases online programs allow students access to course materials 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Students might also have the opportunity to attend class when it suits their schedule.
  • Networking: Online study does not mean you miss out on interacting with professors and other students. In fact, online programs often employ state of the art technologies to help students connect with each other in a interactive online learning environment.
  • Career-Boost. Maybe you are looking for a competitive edge or want to jump-start your career. Earning an online Masters in English might help you develop new tools that you could use to pursue potential career opportunities in fields like creative writing, screenwriting, teaching,
  • or public relations.

Online Masters in English Programs and Curriculum

Earning an online masters degree in English might help you strengthen your skills in critical analysis and understanding of literary works and traditions.Online masters degree in English programs might offer students the opportunity to undergo a thesis or non-thesis degree track. The availability of this option will vary among programs. Generally speaking the curriculum requirements for online English masters degree programs are similar to campus based masters of English programs. Students participate in coursework that is designed to help them explore advanced literary and composition theory, while conducting research to complete independent and group projects, or create a thesis.

What Might I Study In A Masters in English Degree Program?

Earning an online masters in English might give students the opportunity to study a variety of  different subjects. Some courses in an online master in English degree program might include

  • Composition Theory
  • Teaching of Writing
  • Literary Theory
  • American Literature
  • British Literature
  • Global Literature
  • Medieval Literature
  • Renaissance and Restoration Literature
  • Multi-Ethnic Literature
  • Gender and Text
  • Black Literary Tradition
  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Methods of Research

Students who choose to pursue a Master of Arts Degree in English online might also participate in coursework focusing on the English language itself. This type of degree path may involve taking courses to achieve higher levels of skill in the written and spoken discourses. Students might also study critical analysis of the written word, advanced research methods, and linguistics. This concentration may help prepare you to pursue potential career opportunities teaching English to various audiences with different commands of the English language.

Other students in an online master in English program might hope to pursue a career as a professional writer, or teaching writing to others. In this case, students may choose to pursue a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, which could have a single focus such as poetry, screen writing, fiction writing, or prose.

After Graduation: Potential Next Steps for Graduate English Majors

The list of potential careers options graduates of a master’s in English program might pursue is extensive. A master of English may be a degree that is complementary to helping individuals take their English careers to the next level. Some potential career opportunities for graduates of a master’s in English program might include:

  • Writer and Author: Create written content for information and entertainment outlets including advertising companies, books, magazines, movie and television scripts, songs, and online publications[i]
  • Announcers: Present music, news and sports. Announcers may pursue careers in a variety of different fields including, radio, television, and live events[ii]
  • Editors: Plan, review and revise content for publication[ii]
  • Public Relations Specialists: Work to create and maintain a positive relationship and image with the public and the media for the organization or individual they represent[ii]
  • Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts: Investigate and write stories to inform the public on current events and other important information[ii]
  • Technical Writer: Prepare instructional materials such as user manuals or journal articles to communicate important and often complex information about products or procedures.

Potential Salary for English Masters Degree Program Graduates

Graduates of an online masters in English program might have the potential to work in a variety of occupational fields.  The potential salary a graduate might earn is largely dependent upon their location, field of employment, experience, and other factors.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides salary information about a number of different occupations that might attract graduates of an online English masters program.


Median Annual Salary 2012

Projected Job Growth 2012-2022

Writer and Author









Public Relations Specialist






Technical Writer



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With the ease and convenience of online study, earning your Masters in English Degree can certainly open your horizons for some traditional as well as contemporary career options.

Students interested in enhancing their critical thinking, writing, and language skills and those interested in exploring literature and culture might benefit from enrolling in an online masters in English program.

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