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Masters in English on Campus Programs & Degree Info

A Master’s Degree program in English may help students develop an enriched skill-set. Individuals interested in developing their critical thinking, literary analysis, writing, research and communication capabilities may benefit from enrolling in a masters in English on campus program.  Students in these programs  typically spend their time exploring literary works. Many Masters in English campus-based programs may also give you freedom to specialize or tailor your English masters program to suit your academic and professional goals.

Masters in English Campus Degree Career Profile

Some students use a Masters in English on Campus​ Degree as a springboard to Doctorates and PhD Degrees. Whether you are dreaming of pursuing a career in academia or law, a Masters in English may help develop transferable skills. Some companies may appreciate applicants that can demonstrate proficiency in the ability to write and express them clearly.

Potential Benefits to Earning your Masters in English Degree on Campus

Earning a master’s degree from a campus based program might the campus offer a good option for students who value face-to-face interaction or enjoy utilizing the facilities and resources. 

Other potential benefits to earning a master’s in English in a campus setting include;

  • Networking. Abundant opportunities to meet and interact with peers and professors exist.  
  • Access. You get to use all the facilities and resources that the school has to offer. Think library, athletic facilities, laboratories, or cafeteria for that extra cup of coffee on a study-for-exam night.
  • Community. You have instant campus community and can get involved and use the support services.
  • Discipline. Classroom-based programs may help you if you have more success with face-to-face interactions with peers that when you are left on your own.

Masters in English on

Campus Programs and Curriculum

A typical Masters in English on Campus program may consist of both a core set of courses and a number of electives. Some programs may also include a research component or a dissertation. It is advisable to look through the different campus-based Masters programs in English to determine each school’s exact curriculum. Also, you may be interested in a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing or a MA (Teaching of English as a Second Language) TESL , these programs might involve a deeper focus and advanced study in these topics. Some of the subjects in a Master in English Degree Program are similar to those you might find in earning an online English Masters degree, common coursework might include:

  • Graduate Studies in English Language
  • Graduate Studies in Literary Theory
  • Topics in American Literature
  • Topics in British Literature
  • Graduate Seminars in Global Literature
  • Master of Arts in English Capstone
  • Composition Theory
  • Teaching of Writing
  • Poetry and Creative Writing
  • Literary Theory and Analysis
  • Multi-Ethnic Literature
  • Gender and Text
  • Methods of Research

TIP: Knowing where you want your career to go may help you select courses that interest you and may help you pursue potential career opportunities in the future. Spend some time looking through all the Masters in English Programs to see which one resonates the most with any desired career outcomes you are hoping for.

DID YOU KNOW?  You can take studies in rhetoric, writing, and digital media. Some practical applications of English theory may help prepare you to pursue potential career opportunities in fields like research, information development, analysis of ideologies and technical writing.

Potential Career Opportunities for English Majors

Earning a Masters in English on Campus degree may help you jumpstart your career in opportunities in different industries. Some potential career paths identified by the Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified are[i]

  • Educator. Teach English to others, whether as a second language or to any other population. This could involve becoming a literacy coach, or teaching writing.
  • Announcers
  • Editors
  • Public Relations and Fundraising Managers
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Reporters, Correspondents, Broadcast News Analysts
  • Technical Writers
  • Teacher

Helpful Strategies to Help Make Your Masters in English Matter after College

The ability to translate a master in English degree into a career might be of primary concern for those considering investing in their education.  There are some practices that might be useful for people to implement during the course of their graduate study that may help prepare students to pursue potential career opportunities after graduation.

  • Specialize. Select elective coursework in a particular field of interest.
  • Practice Writing. Either for campus publications such as college newspapers, magazines, or departmental/program newsletters or your own blog, you can begin a portfolio.
  • Practice Writing Well. If you know you want to write, you may want to obtain a concentration in technical writing, or familiarize yourself with proposal writing and grant submission processes.
  • Speak Up. Develop speaking and debate skills.
  • Volunteer. If you know you want to teach English, it can help to find a volunteer gig at a community center or tutor other students.
  • Freelance: Develop your portfolio and your professional network by seeking opportunities for publication as an independent writer.

Pursuing a career

Some interesting facts about trends for graduates holding Masters in English degrees are:

  • In 2012, the median pay for Public Relations and Fundraising Managers was $95,450 and the projected job outlook for 2012-2022 is 13%[ii]
  • English Secondary Language teachers is one of the jobs listed by O*NET as having a “bright outlook”[iii]
  • The projected job outlook for 2012-2022 for Technical Writers is 15% which is faster than average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics[iv]
  • Employment of public relations specialists is projected to grow 12% from 2012-2022[v]

The chart below provides information on the employment, projected job growth rate, and 2012 median salary reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for these occupations:


2012 Employment

Projected Job Growth Rate 2012- 2022

Median Salary 2012

Writers and Authors


+3,800 positions


High School Teachers


+52,900 positions




-2,800 positions


Public Relations Specialist




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Ready to Pursue a Masters in English on Campus Degree?

Are you passionate about the English language? Do you enjoy literacy and literature? Do you want to enhance your proficiencies in communication through writing, analysis and critical thinking? If so, a Masters in English Campus-Based program can be the academic fit that may set you up for an array of professional occupations. It is worth searching for!

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