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Masters in English Hybrid Degree Career Profile

Are you someone who loves to read and write? Earning a Masters Degree in English may hone skill-sets that could translate into many enhanced abilities, including;

  • Reading: You will likely do a lot of it.
  • Research: You might expect to learn advanced research methods.
  • Analysis: You may learn about critically assessing multiple and single sources to be able to formulate cohesive arguments and opinions.
  • Communication: Your improved literacy, language and writing skills may help you be able to better express your thoughts clearly and persuasively.

Some hybrid English graduate programs may also give you freedom to specialize or tailor your Masters in English program to suit your academic and professional interests. In some cases, the masters could be a preliminary step towards earning Doctorates and PhD Degrees. Whether you are dreaming of pursuing a career in academia, law, or a variety of other occupations, a Masters in English may help you develop important skills. For example; some companies might value candidates that can demonstrate a strong proficiency in writing and communication.

What are the potential benefits of the Hybrid Format?

The hybrid format of learning has two different components: Online and On-Site. This could be advantageous to the student who is looking to balance their studies with other responsibilities in their life. In a hybrid program you take some courses remotely, so if you have a computer and Internet access, you can log in from a variety of locations. The campus courses mean you do not have to live on campus, however; you would be able to access the campus resources such as: libraries, laboratories, athletic facilities, and support staff. Online classes may use some of the newest digital collaboration tools giving you access to group forums, email support

and in some cases, networking opportunities.

Hybrid Masters in English Programs & Curriculum

There are a range of programs and options that one might expect to encounter when studying English. Some hybrid Masters in English programs may consist of both a core set of courses and a number of electives. You may also have a research component or a dissertation. It is a good idea to look through different hybrid programs to determine each school’s exact curriculum. Also, you may be interested in a Doctorate, PhD. program; in which case, your studies may involve a deeper exploration of these topics or other topics.

TIP: Visualizing where you want your career to go may help you determine which courses you wish to take. Spend some time looking through several different Hybrid Masters in English Program options to see which one resonates the most with your desired career outcomes. For instance:

  • Do you enjoy educating others?
  • Do you see yourself teaching the English language to children, adults, or to a population to whom English would be a second language?
  • Do you enjoy writing content or creative writing?

It is possible to expect that a hybrid Masters in English Degree may be created as four-semester/two-year program. Some programs might offer the option to complete a thesis, in other programs completion of a thesis may be a requirement for graduation. 

Some of the subjects you might find in a Hybrid Master in English Degree Program are:    

  • Graduate Studies in English Language
  • Graduate Studies in Literary Theory
  • Topics in American Literature
  • Topics in British Literature
  • Graduate Seminars in Global Literature
  • Rhetoric, Analysis
  • Composition Theory
  • Teaching of Writing
  • Poetry and Creative Writing
  • Literary Theory and Analysis
  • Multi-Ethnic Literature
  • Gender and Text
  • Methods of Research

Potential Career Paths For Graduates With English Majors

A Masters in English Degree could function as a stepping-stone to many different career paths. Some of the potential vocational paths that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has identified are[i]:

  • Announcers
  • Editors
  • Public Relations and Fundraising Managers
  • Public Relations Specialists
  • Reporters, Correspondents, Broadcast News Analysts
  • Technical Writer
  • Educator. Teach English to others, whether as a second language or to any other population. This could involve becoming a literacy coach, or teaching writing.

Which career may be right for you? Check out these trends:

  • The 2012 median pay for Public Relations and Fundraising Managers was $95,450 and the projected job outlook for 2012-2022 is 13%[ii]
  • One of the jobs listed by O*NET as having a “bright outlook” is English Secondary School Teachers[iii]
  • The projected job outlook for 2012-2022 for Technical Writers is 15% which is faster than average according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics[iv]
  • Employment of public relations specialists is projected to grow 12% from 2012-2022[v]

Ready to Pursue a Hybrid Masters in English Degree?

Are you passionate about the English language, literacy and literature? Do you want to enhance your proficiencies in research, writing, analytical and critical thinking? If so, the Masters in English program may be the right academic fit for you. As a program in and of itself, or as a springboard to other fields of study, the masters in English Hybrid program may prepare you to pursue a host of future professional opportunities as well as be a rewarding course of study.

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