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Are you ready to earn your master’s in school psychology online? Searching for online school psychology graduate programs? Whether you’re an experienced professional looking to enhance your career, or whether you are jumpstarting a new career as a school psychologist, an Online Masters in School Psychology may bring you a number of benefits.

Choosing Online Masters in School Psychology Programs

School psychologists play an essential role in an educational institution. Responsible for identifying and testing students for potential learning disabilities, extraordinary learning needs, or other issues; conducting interventions when necessary, helping to develop IEPs and behavioral plans, collaborating with guardians and teachers, and other roles supporting a healthy and productive learning environment, earning a master’s in school psychology online, or even a higher distinction like a doctorate, may be a distinct advantage.

Depending on your intended career path and where you live and work, earning at least your master’s degree may even be a requirement for licensure or employment. Attending an online school psychology master’s program may grant you the flexibility necessary to earn that distinction in a way that is convenient for you. So how do you know if you’ve found the right online master’s program in school psychology? When considering online school psychology master’s degree programs, here are a few questions to ask to help guide your search.

What type of online school psychology programs work best for you?

If you have decided to pursue your Online Masters in School Psychology, one thing to pay attention to is the type of program or course you may be attending. Online school psychology master’s programs may be either synchronous or asynchronous, or may offer course options that are a blend of both.

Synchronous programs are

ones whose courses are scheduled similarly to a traditional program. Participants may be expected to log into the course online at certain times to attend live streamed lectures, participate in discussions, or complete certain course requirements. These programs may be perfect for those who need the flexibility of an online school psychology program, but otherwise who are hesitant to lose the advantages that come with the traditional classroom format.

Asynchronous programs, meanwhile, aim to offer the most flexibility, allowing participants to log in and complete course requirements in a way that fits their schedules, rather than being available at specific times and days during the week. If you are successful working and learning independently, or flexibility is a high priority for you, an asynchronous option may be a great fit for you.

What are your goals related to earning your master’s in school psychology online?

Clarifying your specific interests and career goals may be a useful step in identifying some important qualities of your potential preferred online masters in school psychology. For example, if you intend to move on from your master’s to earn your Ph.D. in school psychology, identifying programs that include research experience or a thesis requirement may be useful. If you are beginning a new career in school psychology, you may wish to attend a program that includes observation and field experience, in order to witness and apply your knowledge in real world scenarios.

Similarly, if you currently work with or are interested in a specific specialization or concentration area, you may prefer to seek out programs that focus on those topics. These concentration areas might be anything from a specific age group (such as early childhood, adolescence or middle grades, etc), disability types, behavioral, or other topics or school psychologist roles.

What is your preferred approach to studying school psychology?

Many psychology programs, including school psychology, may adhere to specific training models, which inform the program’s approach to the material and in some ways their goals. These are sometimes referred to as scientist-practitioner, practitioner-scholar, etc., and may tell you whether a program’s structure is more academic and research-minded, or more oriented toward practical application. Depending on your learning style, your professional goals, whether you wish to continue your study at the doctoral level, and other factors, you may find that you prefer to consider programs that adhere to a specific training model.

Types of Online Master’s Degrees in School Psychology

Once you begin looking into an online master’s degree in school psychology more deeply, you may find yourself having to choose between any of several different types of online school psychology master’s programs. While each of these school psychology online master’s programs may have elements in common, understanding the basics of how each of them differ may help you to narrow down which ones may be a better fit for you.

  • M.A. and M.S. school psychology graduate programs may be the most recognizable and frequently offered, and as such, may have many elements in common. The specific differences between an online M.A. in school psychology and an online M.S. in school psychology may vary by institution and program. If you find yourself considering a graduate school that offers both of these options, one important differentiation to make is which includes a thesis or research element. If you intend to move on to earn your doctorate at some point in the future, choosing a program that includes a thesis may be an advantage.
  • M.Ed. programs in school psychology may often be issued by schools of education, and despite having elements in common with both M.A. and M.S. programs, association with a school of education may sometimes reflect in the program’s priorities and education-oriented perspective.

In addition to the above, sometimes listed alongside or offered continuously with master’s programs, you may find specialty degrees like Ed.S. (Educational Specialist), Psy.S. (Psychology Specialist), and SSP (School Psychology Specialist). These programs allow those who have already earned or, in the case of continuous programs, are currently earning master’s distinction to pursue education beyond the master’s level in a particular concentration area but before the doctoral level. While these programs often vary according to the particular program and concentration, some general differences may include the Ed.S. being more education-oriented than the Psy.S. or SSP, which may focus more on the practitioner of psychology.

Find Your Perfect Online School Psychology Master’s Program

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