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Hybrid Masters in School Counseling​ Programs and Degrees General Info

Graduate students with a keen interest in education and psychology who are looking for a career-focused counseling program might find that enrolling in a Hybrid Masters in School Counseling Program may prepare them for a rewarding career as a School Counselor.

Hybrid School Counseling Masters Degree Program Information

The goal of Masters in School Counseling programs is to teach students about nurturing academic development; managing group and individual counseling; and collaborating with parents, teachers, and other school staff. Graduates might emerge from this program with a greater understanding of the role and responsibility of a skilled counseling professional who is adept at using decision making to impact the academic achievement, personal and social growth, and career decision making of different ages of students.

If you or anyone you know has benefitted from guidance during any of your school years, you know the value of a professional School Counselor. School counselors are professionals who guide and assist students of different ages develop the social skills to succeed in school, and typically, must be credentialed, which usually requires a Master’s degree[i]. School psychologists also need an advanced degree and certification or licensure to work.[ii] 

The hybrid format of learning combines both online and on campus coursework, which makes it appealing to the busy adult or working professional looking to update their education while balancing a full schedule.

Distance learning typically allows students to log into a course management system at their own pace while keeping in contact with faculty via digital tools. The on campus component gives you the face-to-face interactions and networking opportunities along with access to college amenities such as the libraries, laboratories, or any hands-on component of the School Counseling Masters Program that there might be. Let GradSchools.com help you locate a Hybrid program with easy to use search tools. Listings include Hybrid Program: School Counseling (MSEd0 and Educational Specialist in School Counseling (Ed.S.)

What is a School Counselor?

School counselors help students overcome social or behavioral problems, develop good study skills and habits, and work with them to help set realistic academic and career goals.


School counselors held about 262,300 jobs in 2012[iii]. The industries that employed the most school counselors in 2012 were[iv]:

  • Elementary and secondary schools; state local and private
  • Junior colleges, colleges, universities, professional schools; state, local, and private
  • Health care and social assistance
  • Government

There are different types of school counselors. For instance,

Elementary School Counselors focus on helping younger school students develop skills, such as decision-making and study skills so they can be successful in their social and academic lives, and may offer guidance to prepare students for middle school or help them with behavioral issues.[v]

Middle School Counselors assist students and parents in order to help students develop and achieve career and academic goals. They help students develop the skills and strategies necessary to succeed academically and socially and prepare for next levels of education[v].

High School Counselors help students to make academic and career plans, and may assist them with personal problems that are interfering with their education. They may guide students to choose classes and plan for their lives after graduation. High School Counselors provide information about choosing and applying for colleges, training programs, financial aid, and apprenticeships.[v]

Ready to pursue a Hybrid Masters in School Counseling?

If you feel you have the listening and critical thinking skills to help others, why not pursue a Hybrid Masters in School Counseling so you might potentially assist and guide students to achieve their best? The hybrid format of study is a convenient way to advance your education; start using the search tools on GradSchools.com to help you find the program that matches your career and academic goals!

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