social work volunteer opportuntiesSchool Counselor vs Psychologist

“School Counselor” and “School Psychologist,” the job titles sound similar: so what’s the difference between these two types of professionals?Generally speaking, school psychologists are required to earn a Ph.D., while school counselors may be...Read more.


school counselor vs guidance counselorFrom Guidance to School Counselor

The History and Transformation of School Counseling The history of school counselor jobs begins in 1909 when the Boston Vocational Bureau and Boston Public Schools partnered to implement a vocational guidance program within the school system...Read more.


School counselor FAQ FAQs School Counseling

A school counselor degree is a master’s degree in education and/or school Counseling, which can be earned online from universities offering comprehensive school counseling programs. While earning....Read more.

school counselor masters degree program curriculum and courseworkSchool Counselor Master's Degree Program Curriculum

A master’s degree in school counseling is a graduate program designed to help prepare students to pursue careers as practicing school counselors by providing them with the opportunity to receive training to deal with all sorts of various situations that may arise in different types of educational settings...Read more.

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