Atlanta Hybrid Masters in Educational and School Psychology

Hybrid Educational and School Psychology Master’s Programs

Interested in earning your master’s in educational psychology, school psychology, or school counseling? Are you ready to take your educational psychology expertise to the next level, but can’t decide between a campus and online program? You might want to consider looking into hybrid master’s programs. Hybrid Masters in Educational and School Psychology programs may offer the perfect compromise between online and on campus graduate programs, to earn educational psychology master’s degree, or your master’s in school psychology.

What Is a Hybrid Masters in Educational and School Psychology Program?

Hybrid Masters in Educational and School Psychology graduate programs might be a great choice if you are torn between the benefits of an on-campus program and those of an online program. Hybrid programs may offer a blend of both, incorporating flexible online education with campus-based courses. The way this is accomplished might vary from program to program. For example, in some low residency programs, students might take online courses for most of the semester, while completing other program requirements during shorter regular visits to campus once or several times a semester. In other cases, students might complete on-campus courses alongside and simultaneous to online ones. If you’re looking for a convenient, flexible option that brings online learning together with a local campus, a hybrid master’s program might be a great option for you.

Choosing the Right Hybrid Educational & School Psychology Master’s Programs

Within the field of educational and school psychology are several concentration areas you might pursue. Each of these concentrations may have unique perspectives and approaches, despite what they have in common, focusing on psychology of learning and promoting effective learning in an education setting. How do you know what might be a good fit for you? Understanding the basics of each of these concentrations may help you to narrow down your options.

Hybrid Educational Psychology Master’s Programs

If performing research into how people learn, or applying that research in a real-world setting to help schools, districts and education systems become more effective seems interesting to you, you may want to consider earning your master’s in educational psychology. Whether they work within a school, district, or at the state level or in a consulting role, educational psychologists apply their knowledge of the science of learning at the macro level to help educational institutions be as effective as possible for their students. If you choose to pursue your master’s degree in educational psychology, you might choose a program that focuses on academic theory and research methods, which may help to lay the foundations for further study at the doctoral level or a career in research; or you may choose a program that focuses more on the analysis and practical application of said research in the field.

Hybrid Master’s Programs in School Psychology

If you’re more interested in applying your knowledge of psychology and education research to help individual students, you might want to consider studying school psychology. School psychologists may help identify and test students with extraordinary learning needs, as well as collaborating to develop behavioral plans and IEPs, and facilitating the cooperation of faculty, guardians, and other relevant parties. If you decide to earn your master’s degree in school psychology, you might also have the option to pursue a more specific concentration within your field, such as studying the particular needs of a specific population or age group, a disability type, professional role, or other potential topics.

Hybrid Master’s in School Counseling

For those who are especially interested in working with students on an individual level outside the area of testing and identification, a master’s degree in school counseling or guidance counseling might be a good fit. Like school psychologists, school counselors work within the premises of a school, and their responsibilities might vary depending on the needs of the student population. School counselors might help students with issues related to academic counseling, college applications, social and personal issues, and more.

Types of Hybrid Masters in Educational and School Psychology Degree Programs

Once you have decided to pursue your master’s degree in educational psychology, school psychology, or school counseling in a hybrid program, you may find yourself having to choose between several different types of master’s degree programs. While each of these may have common factors between them as well as unique advantages, how do you know which one is a good fit for you? Understanding the basics of different master’s degree types that may be available might help you to make that decision:

  • M.A. and M.S. programs might be one of the more commonly offered degree types. The degree of difference between these two might vary between schools and programs, depending on your concentration areas. For example, one M.A. program in educational psychology might focus on theory and research methods, whereas the respective M.S. might focus on the understanding and application of that research data in the real world. In other cases, the differences may be more minor, or hinge on the presence of program requirements like a thesis or field experience.
  • M.Ed. programs might be offered by schools of education, or oriented toward professionals in the field of education and those with an academic background in education. While this may vary by program, those factors may influence the program’s approach and perspective toward the material.
  • Specialist degrees like Ed.S. and Psy.S. may be offered continuously with more typical master’s programs, or separately. These programs may allow you to explore a specific concentration within your subject area at a level beyond that of the master’s degree, without enrolling in a full doctoral program.

No matter which Hybrid Masters in Educational and School Psychology degree program type sounds like it might be the best fit for you, it is still a good idea to follow up with your preferred schools and programs for more details, as these might vary from program to program.

Find Your Perfect Hybrid Educational School Psychology Master’s Programs

Are you ready to find your perfect hybrid educational psychology master’s program, school psychology master’s program, or school counseling master’s program? can help. We have a list of hybrid educational & school psychology master’s programs for you to consider. If you need to narrow it down further, you can add filters by location as well as choosing your preferred concentration (educational psychology, school psychology, or school counseling). Once you’re happy with your list, you can begin reading up on hybrid master’s programs, and even reach out to your preferred options for more information or to get the process started. Don’t wait any longer to earn your Hybrid Masters in Educational and School Psychology degree!

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