Online Masters in Educational Psychology

Interested in pursuing your educational psychology master’s degree online, but not sure how to fit it into your schedule as a working professional? Looking for online options for educational psychology master’s programs? With the increasing role of technology in the educational landscape, more and more options for earning your master’s in educational psychology online may be available for you. These Online Masters in Educational Psychology programs may allow you to fit your studies into your professional life, allowing you to enhance your career with continuing education.

Essentials of Online Educational Psychology Master’s Programs

If you’re ready to earn your master’s degree in educational psychology, choosing the right online masters in educational psychology program that suits your needs is an important step in that process. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, is your preferred program synchronous or asynchronous? Asynchronous online programs may offer optimum flexibility, allowing students to log in to their courses from their computers at any time during the week to complete their course requirements. These courses allow students to complete their work at a time that is most convenient for them while still fulfilling typical assignment deadlines, and may be ideal for a busy working student who works well independently.

Synchronous programs, unlike asynchronous, typically work on established schedules. Students may be expected to be available at certain times during the week to attend streamed lectures, participate in discussion, or complete activities and assignments. These courses aim to bring many of the advantages of the traditional classroom into the online space.

Another consideration: is your preferred online educational psychology master’s program fully or partially online/hybrid? While many programs are available

fully online, some programs aim to unite the online and campus experience by allowing students to take flexible online courses alongside traditional ones at a local brick-and-mortar campus.

When considering online master’s programs in educational psychology, you might also consider your educational and career goals. What is your purpose in earning your master’s in educational psychology online? Are you interested in research? Or do you want to apply the knowledge discovered in that research on a macro level to help states and districts become more successful? Or do you prefer working with the student population at an individual school? If you wish to enhance your career, you may want to choose a program whose focus matches your own.

On a related note, what opportunities does the program offer? Does your preferred educational psychology master’s program include a research, internship, or practicum requirement or option? If so, does the program offer support in organizing these opportunities, and how much freedom or flexibility do you have in choosing how to complete them?

Identifying your needs and preferences when it comes to online graduate programs in educational psychology is an important aspect of choosing a program that may be right for you.

Types of master’s degrees

If you’ve started looking for online programs to earn your master’s degree in educational psychology online, you may have noticed the variety of master’s degree types currently being offered. While these programs may share many similarities, understanding the differences between them may assist you in identifying the best type of master’s degree for you.

An M.A. in educational psychology may typically be research-oriented. These programs may have a theoretical focus and examine research methodology and the science behind the way people learn. While it may be widely applicable in a variety of areas within educational psychology, those pursuing an M.A. may often go on to careers in research, or to earn their Ph.D. and research or teach at a university.

M.S. programs in educational psychology may share many similarities with an M.A. program. However, these programs might focus on applying that research within an educational institution over performing research.

M.Ed. programs may typically be issued by a school of education, but otherwise may share things in common with both M.A. and M.S. programs. M.Ed. programs in educational psychology may, like M.A. programs often may, include a rigorous scientific and research methodology focus. However, these programs may also be aimed toward developing the fluency with interpreting research to apply it at the institutional, district, or state level.

In addition to the three above, you may also be interested in specialist degrees. Often categorized alongside master’s programs, earning an Ed.S. or Psy.S. in educational psychology allows someone to demonstrate expertise beyond master’s level in a particular concentration area within educational psychology. These programs may be offered independently in post-master’s form, or incorporated continuously with a master’s program.

Search for an Online Masters in Educational Psychology

If you’re ready to begin searching for your ideal educational psychology online master’s program, can help.  Below, you can find a list of online master’s degree programs in educational psychology. If you need to curate this list further, you may add or remove filters using the menu on the left. Once you have filtered the list according to your preferences, you may begin reading up on each Online Masters in Educational Psychology program, and reach out to them for more information or to get started. 

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