What You Need to Know About Earning a Graduate Degree in Education

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advice from a education graduate program professorTeaching Teachers About Multiculturalism 

Edward Fierros, Ph.D., an associate professor at Villanova University teaches courses that explore multiculturalism, gender and inclusion in schools. He also teaches workshops that focus on multiple-intelligence theory and student gender issues. Dr. Fierros gave GradSchools.com some insight into what can be expected from a graduate program in education, as well as into the issues facing the preparation of teachers.....Read more.

about education graduate programsWhat You Should Know About Graduate Programs in Education

Teaching can be one of the most rewarding career choices a person can make, and the best way to take your career in education to the next level might be to earn a masters degree or PhD in Education. Education at the graduate level is an option that affords students the opportunity to pursue any number of concentrations.....Read more.

alternative careers for teachersAlternative Careers for Graduates of a Master's in Education Program

You may think that a professional degree in education would lead you down a narrow, pre-determined career path, forever confining you to the classroom. Of course, most teachers welcome this prospect, and flourish in a classroom setting. But you can take comfort in knowing that with the career skills of a teacher, you have a world of options available to you.....Read more.

advice for M.Ed ApplicationsAdvice for Students Applying to M.Ed Programs | Interview with Dean Charles Tate

Planning on applying to a M.Ed (Masters in Education Program)? Get insider advice on how to manage the application process for M.Ed (Masters of Education) programs from  Dean Charles Tate, who advises; "The essays required for the Master of Education program are valued by the faculty members making admissions decisions.  We counsel students to take time with the essays to demonstrate the ability to write in correct English prose.  For our M.Ed. program we advise that the essays should be about 2-3 pages double-spaced and well-supported." Learn more about the application requirements for a M.Ed. program....Read more.

should teachers get a graduate degreeShould Teachers Earn Graduate Degrees? Interview with Advisor Corinne Titone

Connie Titone, Ed.D., is a professor and advisor in the education and human services department at Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania. She is not only the chair of the department, but also the founder of the Masters Plus Certification graduate program at the university. Titone created the program in 2003, and she sat down with GradSchools.com to talk about graduate education programs from an advisor's point of view....Read more.

why i decided to get a masters in educationWhy I Decided to Earn a Graduate Degree in Education.  Interview with Tom Petit Masters of Education Student

Todd Petit is a graduate student at Cabrini College studying for certification as a secondary English teacher. Like many other graduate students, Petit must work full-time in addition to his graduate school responsibilities.  Petit has already involved himself with the world of education through his work as a lacrosse coach at a local high school. He managed to find some time to talk with GradSchools.com to discuss his studies, his plans and how he fits everything in....Read more.

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