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Graduate students with a passion for education, curriculum design, and multimedia might find that earning a online masters in educational technology degree may lead to a variety of potential careers that are springing up due to the advances of technology. Whether you are interested in working in the classroom, a corporate setting, or behind a computer, there are a variety of digital platforms such as virtual classrooms that are not only supplementing, but in some cases replacing, textbooks and face to face methods of instruction. In fact, many masters programs for teachers are beginning to explore the integration and implementation of technology into the classroom.

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Whether you are interested in bringing new skill sets to an existing teaching career, or bringing teaching skills to a career where you design e-learning curriculum for students, Education Technology and Online Learning Programs may be a great opportunity to prepare for a future in some fast-growing fields.

Is An Online Masters in Educational Technology Program Right For Me?

For current working professionals interested in refining competencies, learning new techniques, or updating credentials, finding the balance between a busy life and studying may be challenging. Earning your Online Masters in Educational Technology​ may be a more flexible way than commuting to class on campus. Web-based learning typically involves logging into a course management system when you are able, have a computer, and access to the Internet. Research methods such as online libraries are used, and digital tools such as web chats and emails are used to maintain contact with your professors. If you work well independently and need to learn at your own convenience rather than at a set schedule, this may be a great format for you. makes comparing online Masters programs in educational and instructional technology simple. You might want to open a few listings in different tabs to get information from the school about tuition, faculty, admissions, program requisites, and curriculum. Degrees may be somewhat different between schools, and courses may be labeled in unique ways. For instance, some choices might include Online Master of Science in Instructional Design and Technology, Online Master of Science in Global E-learning, Online Master of Science in Educational technology, Online MA in Learning Design and Technology and Online Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology.

Potential Curriculum In Online Masters in Educational Technology

Master of Education Degrees in Education Technology are generally designed for teaching professionals and administrators, and tend to include rigorous coursework in instructional theory and curriculum design along with courses in technology. Master of Arts and Master of Science in Educational Technology Degrees may suit other professionals who seek to integrate or design instructional technology such as e-learning and multi media. For someone who is passionate about information technology or software development an MS or MA program might have something valuable to offer. Coursework and curriculum will vary depending on the degree track, however, students might explore topics such as:

  • Data analysis and instructional computing
  • E-learning
  • Human performance technology
  • Instructional design
  • Communications processes
  • Current research in educational technology
  • Curriculum design
  • Technology integration
  • Technology management
  • Learning sciences

Concentations in Educational Technology

Whether you are looking to lead or design technology driven learning programs, or understand how to refresh your teaching skills to reflect contemporary advances in digital learning platforms, the career you tend to seek out may reflect your education.

  • Online learning
  • Instructional design
  • Teaching To a Particular Age group (elementary, high school)
  • Technology integration and management
  • Media design and development
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Technology

DID YOU KNOW? Instructional Designers are also called: Chief Technology Officer; Director, Educational Research and Product Strategy; Instructional Designer; Instructional Technologist; IT Senior Analyst (Instructional Technology Senior Analyst); Lead Performance Support Analyst; Learning Development Specialist; Senior Instructional Designer; Team Lead, Teacher Support and Student Intervention[i]

What Skills Do I Need To Work in Educational Technology?

Professionals who develop instructional materials and products and assist in the technology-based redesign of courses need a strong comprehension of how to design curriculum, different teaching instruction methodologies and an understanding of how to measure results. They also need a good working knowledge of media production, communication, and dissemination of ideas through different technologically based platforms. They may also need to be skilled at computers and electronics, and in some jobs, it helps to know good customer service principles. Some of the important skills that a Masters in Educational Technology degree program might help cultivate may include:

  • Communication skills such as reading and writing
  • Instructional skills
  • Learning strategies to know when a teaching method is appropriate
  • Critical thinking to be able to find solutions or detect problems
  • Leadership skills to be able to train others

Ready To Pursue An Online Masters in Educational Technology Degree?

One thing is certain, modern society has come a long way from relying on correspondence courses. We are now able to learn via online virtual classrooms, videos and animated games, and on a variety of technological platforms. Whether you are hoping to pursue a career in teaching, administration, training, or design new instructional technology for future learners, earning a Masters in Educational Technology may be a rewarding academic pursuit. Review listings on today!

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