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Whether you are approaching a Hybrid Masters in Educational Technology​ as a current teacher, school administrator, or technology design student, advancements in online learning have fostered different degrees to prepare graduates for a variety of potential career paths.

Hybrid Educational Technology Hybrid degree program career information

The hybrid format is a blended learning method that combines online and on campus courses. This type of Educational Technology Masters program may suit students who are currently working, have families or just prefer the flexibility of a low residency program. Some of these programs may be accelerated; others may be attractive to students who need to study when it is convenient rather than a set time. has search tools to help you find Hybrid masters in Educational Technology Degree Programs. A location search will determine whether there are programs available in the city, state or country that you specify. Or just scroll through the different degrees. This will give you an opportunity to compare them, or request info from the school. Some of the choices to review might include: Master of Science in Educational Technology, Master of Science in Education: Specialization in Online Teaching and Learning, and MEd in Educational Technology.

FUN FACT: Educational technology and e-learning can occur in or out of the classroom. It can be self-paced, asynchronous learning or may be instructor-led, synchronous learning. It is suited to distance learning and in conjunction with face-to-face teaching, which is termed blended learning[i].

What Is Educational Technology and Online Learning?

Educational technology involves using digital tools, media, networking hardware and computer devices in learning, teaching and training. E-learning actually refers to electronic educational technology, and has taken on an increasingly vital role in education, from preschoolers to university students to corporate employees.

Educational technology involves different aspects. Different theoretical perspectives and scientific testing of human learning processes influence the design of instructional technology. The application of theories of human behavior to educational technology draws from areas such as instructional theory, learning theory, educational psychology, media psychology and human performance technology[ii].

In addition, the study of educational technology might include learning or curriculum management systems. Sometimes in higher education, a virtual learning environment may be combined with a management information system that manages all aspects of a course directly through the school.

Selecting A Hybrid Masters in Educational Technology Degree

The main masters degrees in educational technology include MA (Master of Arts), MS (Master of Science) and MEd (Master of Education). Often M.Ed. curriculums require students to complete extensive training in instructional theory and design along with technology-focused courses. Students may them decide on a specialization such as curriculum design, teaching to a certain grade, or focusing on the administrative side, such as to become Instructional Coordinators or Training and Development Managers.

On the other side, MS and MA in Educational Technology may offer an education in instructional technology that is attractive to a spectrum of other occupations that seek to integrate technological learning methods. Or, for students who are interested in the information technology side of instructional education technology, they might find a program that emphasizes this area of interest.

Ready To Pursue a Masters in Educational Technology?

There is no doubt that technological advancements are changing the face of education, and of learning. To accommodate these shifts, the world needs innovators and instructors who are able to blend  technology into their classroom, design online learning curriculums, train others, manage information systems and be able to use new methods of instructional technology in order to appeal to different audiences Why not begin searching for a Masters Degree in Educational Technology on that matches your aspirations for the future!

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