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Hybrid Master in Educational Leadership programs allow students to earn their degree through a blend of online and traditional classes. Online courses provide flexibility if you currently teach and need to schedule your study around your life, not the other way around. On-campus courses or seminars may help you develop a community of colleagues, interact with your professors and practically apply your new knowledge.

If you want to drive your career in the direction of school administration, educational research or enhanced classroom methods, hybrid Master in Educational Leadership programs could be a great way to do it.

Hybrid Master in Educational Leadership Degree Programs

Hybrid Master in Educational Leadership Degrees

Hybrid Master in Educational Leadership degrees may be found as a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS) degree. Within this frame, some programs are designed for individuals who seek certification as a school principal or supervisor. Other programs are intended for educators who want to energize their career with new skills and credentials.

MAT degree: A Master of Arts in Teaching, or MAT, is a degree that might be pursued by those who have completed a bachelor’s degree, and wish to complete graduate-level coursework in their field while they work towards their teacher license.

Master of Arts: A Master of Arts in Education program tackles theory, principles, and educational research. Some programs might prepare students to position themselves to seek post-degree certification (e.g. school principal or supervisor).

Master of Science: A Master of Science in Education program tends to take an analytical approach and students typically conduct research to fuel decisions and strategies in their technical area.

Hybrid Educational Leadership Masters Programs

Below are a few possible programs you might find in your search for universities with Hybrid Master in Educational Leadership programs. The perfect one for you should resonate with your career aims, academic background and personal interests.

Hybrid Spanish Master of Arts for Teachers

A hybrid Master of Arts for Teachers (MAT) in Spanish is a terminal degree. It might appeal to an individual who already holds a standard license to teach Spanish or, who holds a certificate of eligibility (or equivalent) to teach Spanish while they work towards licensure. This type of MAT degree may presume that students have a bachelors degree in Spanish or an undergrad degree plus upper level Spanish courses.

To earn their MAT in Spanish, students may have to complete 30 credits. Core courses could help students learn various methods of foreign language teaching and theories of language acquisition. Also, they might discuss ways to bring technology into language classrooms. Other credits could include Spanish language and linguistics courses and a faculty-approved elective. Finally, students could have to prepare a teaching portfolio as a final project. 

Hybrid Master of Arts in Educational Administration

The hybrid Master of Arts (MA) in Educational Administration program is designed to prepare students to pursue school principal or supervisor certification. Applicants generally need a bachelors degree or a master’s degree, and a minimum GPA of 3.0, along with a teaching or school certification.

Students who enter the MA. in Educational Administration program may be required to complete a 300-hour internship, in addition to their coursework. Required courses might explore theory, principles and practice of curriculum development and supervision. Also, students could learn how to supervise and manage staff, navigate school finance and education laws. Students are also likely to explore research for educational administrators.

Hybrid Master of Science in Educational Leadership

The hybrid Master of Science (MS) in Educational Leadership program may broaden current teachers’ knowledge base and help them build administrative skills and traits. Applicants may need a bachelors degree to apply, and a teaching license to pursue administrative licenses.

As a master of science degree, students could look forward to courses that help them develop their ability to analyze and think both strategically and critically. Required courses are likely to span managerial topics like personnel, finances, and resources. Also, students could learn about the link between curriculum, instruction, assessment and learning. In addition to coursework, students may conduct research and learn to apply data to drive change.

Hybrid Master of Science in Research Administration

A hybrid Master of Science (MS) in Research Administration program could aim to familiarize researchers with some of the processes and challenges of the research enterprise. Applicants may need a bachelors degree and minimum GPA, along with school-specific material.

This type of MS program might ask students to complete core courses, a curriculum track to focus their studies, a capstone project, research, and a thesis. In their required courses, students could examine research administration and how the research operation is organized and led across the US, and internationally. Both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors might be discussed, to highlight any similarities and/or differences. Students could also learn how to manage sponsored research programs in areas related to finance, information technology, and legal, ethical, regulatory, and compliance factors.

Why Consider a Hybrid Master in Educational Leadership Program?

Universities with hybrid Master in Educational Leadership programs make use of different formats. Some programs might offer online courses plus a summer residency. Others could have in-class components and online modules with a shortened completion time. This low-residency structure often addresses the needs of busy classroom teachers.


When surveyed, 63% of high school principals said they had a masters degree.i

Boost Administrative Skills: Administrators who have mid or high level positions may need educational leadership skills to be able to contend with several challenges. Examples include complex school environments, school laws, parents, students, and personnel to budget constraints.

Develop Leadership Qualities: Through their courses, students could learn how to use data to make decisions and build career-related skills through onsite internships. As a result, they may be prepared to pursue administrative roles in schools, school systems and other learning organizations. Or, they could use their degree as a platform to a PhD or Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program.

Launch a Career: Most public schools require their principals, assistant principals and school administrators to hold at least a master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Many principals, assistant principals, central office administrators, academic deans, and preschool directors usually teach at some point in their career before they pursue a career in administration.ii

Enhance a Career: Careers in educational leadership may involve different varieties of learning environments, from pre-kindergarten to adult extension programs, and public schools to private institutions. Success in educational leadership necessitates several things. First off, education leaders need a sense of personal leadership style to carry out their mission ethically and with vision. They also need strong managerial skills and a detailed grasp of the educational process. In their schools, they need to be able to observe and support teachers and students, or drive educational reforms for better outcomes.i These are just a few things that students who pursue a masters degree educational leadership might study and learn to apply in real-time.

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