Curriculum and Instruction Careers

If you earn a degree in curriculum and instruction, you might be able to identify Curriculum and Instruction careers in one of the following settings[i]:

  • K-12 school or school district
  • Educational company
  • College or university

While every curriculum and instruction job is unique, the specific job requirements and duties vary mostly according to the type of employer.

K-12 Schools:

Most positions in curriculum and instruction with K-12 schools require a master’s degree[ii]. Job duties are likely to include course and curriculum development as well as instructional material design for teachers and their students. In some cases, though, curriculum developers work as teachers themselves, using their specialized knowledge and skills to work directly with students.  

Educational Companies:

Curriculum and instruction jobs with educational companies also tend to require a master’s degree[ii]. Some of these companies produce materials for K-12 school districts. As such, the curriculum specialists who work for them have similar duties to someone working directly for a school. Some, however, cater to specific types of learners (e.g. very young children, adults, etc.) or focus on a particular type of learning (e.g. mathematics, reading, etc.). As such, the expertise they seek in a curriculum designer is a bit distinctive.

Colleges and Universities:

Jobs in curriculum and instruction with colleges and universities almost always require a Ph.D[ii]. They may also require experience, whether in curriculum design specifically or in education more generally. People holding these jobs are often responsible for analyzing and conducting research as well as teaching both undergraduate and graduate level courses in the field. In short, their work helps other people design and implement curriculum at other educational levels.

Individuals with advanced degrees in curriculum and instruction might also pursue potential career opportunities as consultants.  Consultants act as experts, providing insight and analysis into effective learning plans to both public and private organizations.  A consultant may even use their expertise to help direct educational policy for state or national governments.

Curriculum and instruction jobs are currently on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they are expected to increase 13% between 2012 and 2022, which is faster than many other jobs in education[iii].

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