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Hybrid Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Programs blend the convenience of online learning with on campus courses. Many of the hybrid masters programs in criminal justice are designed to prepare current professionals for potential management and leadership roles. If this sounds like your situation, you might enjoy a learning format that allows you to maintain your busy life, while advancing your technical skills and theoretical knowledge. Whether you are interested in national security or cybersecurity, take a look at what a hybrid graduate degree in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies has to offer.

Hybrid Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies: Essentials

Hybrid Criminal Justice Masters Career OptionsWhile you may not be able to find Hybrid Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies in every subject, often this term is used to express programs that are ‘partially online’. This is appropriate language when the program has onsite requirements. Now, these requirements and the actual format is likely to vary between graduate schools, but the essential components are: online courses and campus courses/practicum/lab work/team building. Whatever cannot be done in the virtual classroom is done on site. 

Types of Hybrid Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies

Some programs are more business oriented – like the Hybrid Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration, while others are more scientific (Forensic Science for instance). If you are enrolling in a general Criminal Justice Masters program, you might study crime prevention, policy analysis, terrorism and criminology. These programs often include such concentrations options as security management and homeland security.

DID YOU KNOW? Legal occupations include arbitrators, mediators, conciliators, as well as court reporters, judges, hearing officers, lawyers and paralegals[i]

How to find Hybrid Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies Programs

‘Hybrid’ is a learning format, so first you might want to choose your subject from this selection:

After you click through you can check whether the hybrid format is available fo the type of degree you are searching for. If location is vital to you, you can look for hybrid graduate programs by city, state or country. Some of the listings you might encounter could include: Hybrid National Security Affairs, M.S. Masters in Investigations, or MS In Cybersecurity. Keep browsing to find the one that aligns with your goals.

FACT: Homeland Security involves: Border Patrol agents, emergency management directors, and analytical chemists.[ii]

Any potential benefits to a Hybrid Masters program in Criminal Justice?

Now you might be thinking this would involve a lot of back and forth. Not necessarily. Here are a few things to consider:

Flexibility: Graduate programs that are designed for busy working students often schedule things with this in mind –evenings, weekends, summer intensives. Plus, the online component may be entirely self-paced, where you log into your courses when you have time from wherever you may be.

Interactions: Plus, you have to think about the actual degree you are going for. A purely online program reduces face-to-face social interaction with peers and professors, so it may be best to choose a hybrid format. This ensures you’re building the essential interpersonal skills required of criminal justice careers.

Facilities: If you’re planning to specialize in forensic science or cyber security, these hybrid formats are even more important to blend convenience with hands-on interaction in your university’s laboratories. 

Take the Next Step

If you have the desire to advance your education but can’t make it to class everyday, and you don’t want to miss out on the hands-on component to study, choosing a Hybrid Masters in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies may be the right way to go about achieving that balance. Take the next step and explore your

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