Massachusetts MA MSc Substance Abuse Counseling Masters on-campus Programs

Deciding to enroll in a campus substance abuse counseling masters program can be rewarding and challenging. Students who enroll in substance abuse counseling masters programs can expect to be trained as addictions counselors, including training in alcohol abuse counseling, and work in community mental health centers, hospitals, employee assistance programs, the juvenile justice system, drug courts and more.

Find a Graduate School that offers Substance Abuse Counseling masters degree programs near you by filtering by location, including city, state or country. Attending a top campus program will give you the opportunity to network with other students who are pursuing a Substance Abuse Counseling masters degree. It will also offer you the best benefits of the college experience, extracurricular activities and face-to-face interaction with professors and students.  

Consider an on-campus MSPY in Addictions, a Master degree in Drug Use and Addiction, or a on-campus Master of Arts in Addiction Counseling.

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