Online Master's in Counseling No GRE Programs

Online Master’s in Counseling No GREWith many concentrations available, finding an online master’s in counseling no GRE may help you get into a program without the stress of preparing for and taking the GRE.

Read on for more information from our school partners about a variety of online master’s degree in counseling programs that don’t require the GRE for admission.

List of 7 Online Master’s in Counseling No GRE Required

Many online master’s in counseling programs offer a variety of concentrations to match the different fields available to professionals.

Check out some of the sponsored programs below and the online master’s in counseling programs they offer that don’t require the GRE.

1. Grand Canyon University

GRE Requirements: Waiver

GRE scores are not required if you have an undergraduate degree from an accredited university and at least a 2.8 GPA.

About the Master’s in Counseling at Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University’s College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers an MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with several concentrations to choose from, including:

GCU’s online program meets the criteria for several national licensing boards and is aligned with the Arizona Board for Behavioral Health Examiners. GCU also helps students maximize their transfer credits and offers military service members the opportunity to turn training and experience into college credits.

About Grand Canyon University

GCU is a faith-based, for-profit Christian university based in Phoenix since 1949. With more than 20,000 on-campus students and an additional 70,000 online students, Grand Canyon is the largest Christian university in the world.

2. New York University

GRE Requirements: Not Required

There is no GRE requirement when applying for this program.

About the Master’s in Counseling at New York University

Students in NYU Steinhardt’s online Master of Arts in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness may earn their degree and prepare for state licensure exams in less than two years.

Students pursuing this degree are required to complete 60 graduate credits, do a 100-hour practicum, and complete a 600-hour internship at a location that’s convenient to them. Students network with peers and build face-to-face connections with faculty over 3- to 4-day intensive training sessions in New York.

About New York University

NYU is a private nonprofit university founded in Manhattan in 1831 and now has global campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai and 11 other study abroad centers on six continents. In fall 2017, total enrollment was just over 51,000, almost evenly split between undergraduate and graduate students.

3. University of Western States

GRE Requirements: Not Required

Prospective students should have at least a 2.75 GPA in an undergraduate degree, but neither GRE nor MAT scores are required.

About the Master’s in Counseling at University of Western States

UWS offers an MS in clinical mental health counseling with an integrated approach to sport and performance. Students have a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge to a specific case study including real-world practice with trained actors. The coursework can be completed 100% online in as little as eight quarters.

About University of Western States

Since 1904, University of Western States in Portland, Oregon has been a leading health sciences university. Just over 900 students are enrolled in both on-campus and online programs in fields including chiropractic, sports medicine and psychology, nutrition, and diagnostic imaging.

4. Antioch University

GRE Requirements: Not Required

GRE test scores are not required, and Antioch University is known for its alternative admissions program.

About the Master’s in Counseling at Antioch University

Students pursing the online master’s degree in clinical mental health at Antioch University take 13 core courses; 3 electives in trauma, military counseling, or substance abuse/addiction; and complete 1,000 hours of practicum and internship experience.

Online students network with their cohort at two week-long residencies at Antioch’s Keene, New Hampshire, campus. The program typically takes 3 years for full-time students, and up to 5 years for those who prefer a part-time pace.

About Antioch University

Antioch University is a private, nonprofit university with campuses in four states and a growing online program. It’s known for its alternative grading system where students receive narrative evaluations rather than letter grades.

5. Seton Hall University

GRE Requirements: Not Required (MAT Required Instead)

Instead of GRE scores, applicants can opt to submit Miller’s Analogy Test (MAT) scores. The MAT is an hour-long test that typically costs about $100, as opposed to the four-hour, $400+ GRE.

About the Master’s in Counseling at Seton Hall

Seton Hall offers a combined Master of Arts/Educational Specialist degree in professional counseling through its College of Education and Human Services. The core curriculum comprises 20 online courses completed over 10 semesters, and two four-day residencies.

About Seton Hall University

Seton Hall is a private Roman Catholic university whose main campus is in suburban South Orange, New Jersey. As of 2017 it was ranked as one of the best college values in the country by both Money and Forbes.

6. Medaille College

GRE Requirements: Not Required

Medaille College does not require GRE scores for admission to the clinical mental health counseling program.

About the Master’s in Counseling at Medaille College

Offered online and on its Buffalo and Rochester campuses, Medaille College’s MA in clinical mental health counseling prepares students to sit for New York state licensing board exams. The core program typically takes two years, plus 3,000 post-grad clinic hours. The online degree track has 17 seven-week classes with weekly assignments, but no fixed class schedule.

About Medaille College

Medaille College is a private, non-denominational college in Western New York with a reputation for hands-on curricula where students learn by doing. The student body is composed of about 1,600 undergrads and 700 grad students with a low 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio.

7. Union Institute and University

GRE Requirements: Not Required

Union doesn’t require GRE scores as part of the admission process for its MA-CMHC program.

About the Master’s in Counseling at Union Institute and University

The MA in clinical mental health counseling at Union Institute is a hybrid program that combines 60 credit hours of online coursework with 700 clinical training hours and biannual residencies at the Union’s Cincinnati academic center.

The program sets students on a path toward licensing and certification or continued doctoral research.

About Union Institute and University

Union Institute and University was founded in 1964 in a “university without walls” model that catered to working adults. Union pioneered ideas in distance learning and interdisciplinary study that are now cornerstones of many online learning programs. Its academic centers are in California, Florida, and Ohio.

5 Different Types of Master’s in Counseling Degrees

As the list of offerings from some of our sponsored programs above shows, you may pursue an advanced degree in many types of counseling. Check out some of the options below to see which is the perfect fit for you.

#1: Career Counseling

While earning a master’s degree in career counseling, your curriculum focuses on professional development and career management. Post-graduation career paths could include executive coaching or vocational counseling. Career counselors are often licensed by their state, but it’s not often a strict requirement for these roles.

The occupational outlook for career counselors in a school setting is positive, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Growth is predicted to be faster than average over 2016–2016.i

#2: Counseling and Therapy

A master’s of science in counseling psychology with a counseling and therapy focus could be a good choice for those who already have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and want to work directly with patients.

After completing clinical hours and passing your state’s licensing exam, you might begin working with patients with issues like anxiety and depression, eating disorders, and trauma. People with this degree can expect to work closely with other mental health specialists in providing diagnoses and treatments.

#3: Marriage and Family Counseling

Courses you can expect to take while pursuing an master’s degree in a marriage and family counseling include family and systems theory and gender and human sexuality.

With different concentrations available, you might opt for a program that specializes in understanding how poverty or community trauma can affect family dynamics. Or, you might choose to learn how cultural differences impact family relationships, or about issues that especially affect same-sex couples.

#4: Rehabilitation Counseling

A masters in rehabilitation counseling may be a step toward working with youth or adults whose physical, mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities impact their ability to live independent lives.

In addition to core concepts in mental health counseling, your coursework might have an enhanced focus on public policy and advocacy. Rehabilitation counselors may work with senior citizens or incarcerated youth, in adult day centers or community rehab facilities, just as a few examples.

#5: Substance Abuse Counseling

It’s an unfortunate truth that the job outlook for substance abuse counseling is on the rise. More and more people need of treatment for addiction, which is why the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that 23,800 more substance abuse counselors will be needed by 2026.ii

If you choose to pursue a master’s degree in substance abuse counseling, your curriculum teaches common methods and techniques used in:

  • Residential or outpatient rehab centers
  • Hospitals
  • Prisons or juvenile detention centers
  • Private practices

Did You Know?

One in five Americans has a mental health condition, but in some states, there’s only one mental health provider per 1,000+ people.

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[i] [ii]

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