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mental health careersUnconventional Careers for Mental Health Counselors

Maybe you got a graduate degree in some kind of mental health discipline – social work, counseling, psychology – but you’re burnt out, disillusioned, or otherwise uninterested in pursuing a career path in this field. We have good news for you! A master’s in counseling or doctoral-level training in one of these fields may be applicable to a wide range of careers....Read more.

Mental Health Counselor SalaryDiscover a Career in Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counselors play an integral role in the daily lives of individuals helping them to achieve the best possible level of emotional and mental health. They assist and counsel people who need their help to better enable them to deal with and manage mental and emotional issues in their everyday lives. ...Read more.

social work volunteer opportuntiesTransference in Therapy

Throughout the therapeutic process there are many interactions, consciously and unconsciously, that take place between the client and therapist. One phenomenon that has been known to occur in therapy is called transference. This happens when unconscious feelings of earlier experiences are redirected from one person to another, usually client to therapist....Read more.

helping mothers with post-partum depressionWorking with Clients with Post-Partum Depression?

This article discusses the ways in which a graduate of a counseling and therapy graduate program might work with new mothers experiencing post-partum depression while working in the mental health field....Read more.

Guide for Mental Health CounselorsA Mental Health Counselors Guide to Working with Clients

As mental health therapist you are likely to come into contact with many types of clients seeking help for a myriad of psycho-social issues or mental health problems. There are many interventions and talk therapy models that you might utilize during your work with clients. Many of these methods are based on the dynamic between the therapist and the client, some are based in play or narrative methods, some are long term and some are very brief, while others are based on early life experiences as the cause of mental dysfunction (psychoanalysis). Regardless of which type of therapy we practice here are some important factors to consider when working with clients during therapy...Read more.

What you will learn in a mental health counseling graduate program - the phases of therapyAbout The Phases of Therapy

A graduate program in counseling and therapy might help prepare students for a wide variety of potential careers in which practitioners may have to opportunity to work with a diverse client population. However; regardless of setting, and population served, there are often fundamental similarities in the therapeutic process. There are many steps in and phases throughout the process of therapy, you will most likely be familiar with three major phases, the beginning, middle and termination phase...Read more.

What you will learn in a mental health counseling graduate program - solution focused therapyAbout Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) is a  brief, goal oriented therapy modality that can be a useful tool in working with clients for short periods of time. Solution focused therapy is used to help the client find solutions for immediate challenges and helps them build coping tools to utilize to manage future challenges...Read more.

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