Art Therapy Ideas for Project and Activities

Art Therapy Ideas for ActivitiesImage of an Art Therapy Exercise Art therapists work with their clients regularly engaging in various art therapy activities. Art therapists often meet with clients at art studios or other safe and creative environments to merge together the healing powers or art and the principles of psychotherapy. Art therapy activities and ideas are nearly unlimited and can consist of a wide range of creative projects and activities. Art therapists can have their clients put together journals, draw outside or in the dark, and even make sock puppets among many other vast and varied activities. Art therapy ideas and activities are as diverse as they are creative.

Popular Art Therapy Ideas for Activities

Art therapists engage their clients in all types of creative art therapy activities. Art therapists might have their clients work on different types of painting activities such as painting a self-portrait, painting an important childhood memory, painting inside a heart and even drawing in the sand. Art therapy patients and clients also often make collages as part of their art therapy activities. Art therapists often have clients make collages of their worries or emotions, some clients make collages of accomplishments or losses. Art therapy activities also include sculpting, using line art, creating different crafts, creating music, dance, and many other varying activities.

Examples of Art Therapy Ideas for Projects

Art therapy clients and patients often work on different types of creative art therapy projects as part of their treatment. Art therapists often task their clients with working on projects they think can help clients deal with mental, emotional, or physical issues. For example working on art therapy projects during the holidays like making your own wrapping paper or ornaments can help clients to better deal with the pressures associated with the holiday season. Clients can work on projects such as drawing a place where they feel safe, creating a motivational collage or making a stuffed animal. Other art therapy projects include documenting a spiritual experience, taking photographs, making a magazine, finger painting, using color blocks, and many others.

20 Resources for Art Therapist Ideas and Activities

There are many incredibly useful and innovative resources for art therapists and those interested in the field of art therapy. There are a multitude of websites, blogs, articles and other helpful resources out there tailored specifically towards art therapy activities. These are just 20 examples of the awesome and informative resources for art therapy activities:

  • The is a blog that lists 100 art therapy exercises like using calm colors and drawing in the dark.
  • The Nursing School blog has a list of 100 art therapy exercises including making a stress painting and putting together a journal.
  • The Expressive Art Inspirations Blog contains a list of 50 selected art therapy blogs and their accompanying links, that are filled with helpful information discussing all aspects of art therapy.
  • The Art Therapy blog posts multiple articles discussing many various types or art therapy activities such as making cards; the blog also discusses more generally broad ideas about art therapy such as the use of drawing in dealing with judgment and criticism.
  • The Unfolding Moment blog is also a great resource for art therapy activities and ideas.
  • At there are resources for art therapists and examples of art therapy exercises that can be done at home.
  • The Sue Doodles Blog is another great resource for art therapy activities.
  • Psychology Today lists their ranking of the ten coolest art therapy interventions.
  • Creative Juices Arts is another great resource for art therapy activities.
  • Witness to Grace is also a very helpful resource for art therapy activities and ideas.
  • At art therapists can find great ideas for art therapy exercises and activities.
  • Art Therapy Techniques From the Field is another great resource of art therapy activities and ideas.
  • The Turning Turning blog is another great resource for art therapy activities.
  • The Kate Is Rising blog is another helpful resource for art therapy ideas and activities and provides many examples of art therapy projects and creative methods of healing.
  • The Art Therapy Journal is a super helpful resource for art therapy activities and has many different articles discussing various art therapy ideas.
  • Counselor’s Room is another resource that discusses various art therapy activities as well.
  • The University of Minnesota also provides information for spirituality and healing through the use of arts.
  • The Butter Compartment is another helpful resource for art therapists with regard to art therapy activities.
  • Pinterest is another great place to get tons of different and exciting ideas for art therapy activities. Pinterest is user generated and is therefore constantly evolving and on the cutting edge.
  • offers a lot of text for purchase filled with information about art therapy activities.

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