Potential Career Opportunities

Earning a graduate degree in communications and publishing might help open doors to exciting potential publishing career opportunities. Professionals in this broad and diverse field often enjoy dynamic work environments that demand a unique combination of creativity, logic, and initiative. They might identify potential publishing career opportunities in a variety of settings and capacities. Whether working from home or in an office, employed by an organization or self-employed, communications and publications specialists might find that this field has the potential to result in a fun and lively career.

Graduates in this diverse field might pursue publishing career opportunities as:

  • Writers and authors (of books, articles, newspaper columnists, bloggers, and more)
  • Technical writers
  • Interpreters and translators
  • Journalists
  • Film and video editors
  • Broadcasters and broadcasting technologists
  • Announcers
  • Correspondents
  • Broadcast news analysts
  • Publishers (desktop and editors)

These jobs and many others demand the skills of well-trained and highly-educated professionals.

Important Skills for Individuals Interested in Pursuing A Career As a Communications and Publisihing Professional

Because professionals might find career opportunities in a wide array of roles and capacities, there is no one type of personality a communications and publishing professional must have. However, there are some key personality traits that might make working in the field easier. They include being:

Innovative: People in this field must think newly on a regular basis. No two projects are the same in such a field, and successfully meeting the goals of a project often requires innovative thinking.

Creative: While not all tasks in this field require creativity, many do, and you’ll want to be prepared to pull from your creativity at any moment. Developing a well of creativity means cultivating your creativity on a regular basis so that it is ready for action when the time comes.

A people person: Most professionals in this field have to work with people. Whether with internal or external customers, you’ll likely be engaging with someone, and more than that, you’ll be required to collaborate and work in partnership with them.

Independent: While much of the work that happens in this field is collaborative, you’ll also be required to take initiative to get jobs done.

A team player: While independence is necessary in this field, so too is being a team player. Collaboration and partnership help professionals meet the goals of projects in this field, and to be successful, you’ll need to know how to work and play well with others.

Logical and practical: In the field of communications and publishing, you’ll be required to make decisions based on what is practical and logical. Being able to move between your creative and logical mind is key to success in this field.

Ultimately, professionals in the field of communication and publishing may benefit from having a sense of what sells, an ability to connect with people, and a desire to produce products that sell to certain demographics. They must be present to and in tune with the needs of their co-workers and customers alike and prepared to deliver what’s most needed.

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