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Pursuing a masters in journalism could help you jumpstart a career in the fast-paced world of news and media, or even enhance your current standing. In journalism masters programs, you might develop knowledge and skills to adapt to the rapid technological growth in the media and communications industry.

Masters Schools for Journalism

And of course, you would may learn the latest techniques and strategies to help disperse news to people around the world. By pursuing this degree program on campus, you could have the opportunity to create a network of like-minded peers, who may not only assist your academic pursuits, but become your first contacts in the professional world. Why not dive into the exciting world of journalism by reviewing masters in journalism schools?

On-Campus Journalism Masters Programs: The Basics

At its most basic, journalism masters degree programs seek to help students develop knowledge and skills to share up-to-date news with the public, often through mediums such as television, newspapers, and websites.[i] While this may sound a like a simple task, a journalism masters program could help you learn advanced techniques and methods to effectively achieve this goal and pursue career enhancement in communications fields. Pursuing a career as a writer[ii] or correspondent[iii] typically requires a bachelor’s degree for entry level positions. However, a master’s degree in journalism could be a great way to enhance your career by pursuing  a managerial, producer, or editorial role.

Often these positions may require additional working hours, especially when breaking news stories occur. You may be required to come in during off-hours or weekends to conduct interviews or cover recent events. These assignments are commonly conducted outside of the office setting and may afford you opportunities to travel and interact with engaging people. This field is fast-paced and vigorous, making it potentially ideal for students looking for a varied work environment.[iv] For entry level positions, student could potentially earn a median salary of $37,720[v] or $60,250[vi] per year, depending on the chosen career path. This does not include managerial or enhanced positions’ salary ranges however, which you may choose to pursue if you earn a masters in journalism.

Finding an On-Campus Journalism Masters Program

Looking to find a perfect master’s program in journalism but lost in the sea of available degree possibilities? Nailing down the specifics of what you might want could be as easy answering a few questions. Here’s a few to help your narrow down the playing field:

  • Are you able to take the GRE/GMAT examinations?
  • How long do you want to spend earning my degree?
  • What are your career goals?

Keeping your answers in mind, browse some of the following possible options to find a journalism master’s program that’s a great choice for you!

Types of Journalism Masters Degrees

Journalism master’s programs may be more accessible than others for both those currently in the journalism field and newcomers alike. Despite being a graduate degree program, some journalism masters programs may not require GRE/GMAT examination scores for application. This could not only expedite the application process, but also reduce costs. Instead, many schools streamline their process and request students to submit a 3.0 undergraduate GPA along with official transcript.

In terms of the actual program, you may be able to study journalism in a few ways – schools may offer journalism as part of a more general communications program or as its own concentration. Course completion times may vary due to differing graduation requirements, intended student course load, and other factors. That being said, on average, students may expect to complete a journalism masters program in 1.5 to 2 years. Program lengths vary by school.  Below are some common ways to engage with journalism academics:

  • A master of science in communication and master of arts in communication are programs that cover more holistic communications curriculum, and may offer journalism tracks.  The skills and knowledge learned in these programs may be applied to many media centric careers. This could also be a great option for those new to the field as it covers a wide array of communications topics.  
  • A master of communication management degree program could help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a move to a managerial position. These programs may offer specific journalism programs or include featured courses in their curriculum.  
  • Master of Arts in New Media Journalism may be a great way to learn to address newer technologies in the communications and journalism fields. You could learn techniques and methods to effectively incorporate journalism strategies into social media, websites, and other technological developments.

These are just a selection of degree programs offered at the master’s level. For a more comprehensive list, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Earning a Masters in Journalism On Campus

An on campus journalism master’s program may be an ideal choice for those seeking to incorporate a structured course schedule into their weekly routines. Classes take place at a regular time, which could make scheduling work, appointments, and other priorities around it easier. On campus formats are also great for those seeking a more traditional graduate experience. You could wander campus after class, hang out with other students at the local coffee shop or simply enjoy the quiet of the campus library. As an added potential bonus, you could gain access to a network of peers throughout the journalism field. Working alongside or speaking with your fellow students could help establish contacts to take into the professional world. Finally, you may gain additional instruction time with your professor during office hours. While off-campus students may only have access to their professors via email, you could gain important face time which may make solving problems that much easier.

Find a Perfect On-Campus Journalism Masters Program Today!

Ready to find a journalism masters program that suits your unique lifestyle and academic goals? Below is a list of possible on campus journalism programs for you to browse. If one catches your interest, be sure to click through the link to request more information from the university. Hopefully you might find your perfect journalism masters program just a little further down this page

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