Benefits of a Career in Speech Pathology

There are many benefits to a Career in Speech Pathology! Like any career, some parts of the job may be exciting and rewarding, while others are more mundane. Learn more about this profession which may help you determine if this career path is appropriate for you. The potential benefits of choosing a career in speech pathology are the:

Ability to help make a positive change in the life of a patient

If you’re someone who likes to see projects through to completion, or at least needs to witness tangible progress, a speech pathology program might be of interest. As a speech therapist, you have the ability to witness results directly impacting your patient’s quality of life. This career path tends to attract individuals who value making a difference in others’ lives and giving back to society.

Diversity in job settings and opportunities

Are you drawn to the high-pressure environment of a hospital, working with children in a school, or the creativity of developing your own office or clinic? A career in peech pathology can be practiced in a variety of settings, which means you have some control over choosing your work environment.You also have the option to switch settings over time: for example, you might want to begin your career in a health facility, and then switch to a private consulting role once you’ve gained significant experience. Learn more about the different industries and job outlook for speech therapists.

A Career in Speech Pathology could mean Diversity in specialization

Would you like to work with children? Adults? Non-native English speakers? Would you like to specialize in a particular trauma, such as traumatic brain injury or stroke, or a particular illness such as autism? A Career in speech pathology offers a diverse array of specializations.

Opportunity to collaborate frequently with other medical professionals:

If you’re intellectually stimulated by cross-disciplinary collaboration, it’s worth considering a career as a speech and language pathologist. Hospital-based speech therapists may work with a variety of other professionals, such as doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, physical therapists, rehabilitation therapists, audiologists, and case managers. Exposure to these other professions, and the resulting partnerships, provides both formal and informal continuing education. In other words, if you’re curious about your colleagues’ jobs, you’ll never get bored.

Earnings potential of a Career in Speech Pathology:

Speech pathologists salaries are generally reliable across industries, although there is greater opportunity to earn a higher salary in certain roles. For instance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a speech pathologist working in the home healthcare services industry is $91,220, while the median salary for a speech pathologist working in an elementary or secondary school is $66,440. View speech pathologist salary information for various speech pathologist career paths.

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