Speech Pathologist Salary Information

Researching Speech Pathologist Salary information? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a speech pathologist salary typically ranges between $44,380 and $107,650. The average salary is $69,870 per year, but may vary significantly in relation to location and years of experience. Also according to the BLS, the vast majority of speech pathologists – 44% - work in schools, 15% work in offices, either their own or that of a colleague in a related discipline, 13% work in hospitals and 7% work in nursing care facilities and home health care services.

Speech Pathologist Salary

Speech pathology professionals diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders. They serve individuals as well as families and support groups. They also provide education for the general public. A master’s degree, which takes approximately three years to complete, is required to practice. Most states require licensure or certification. Licensure requirements include, at minimum, clinical supervision and graduation from an accredited speech pathology program. Speech pathologists often specialize in a particular condition when they treat patients, such as stuttering. They may also choose to specialize in serving a particular population and developing treatment plans for that population. There are many different types of speech therapy jobs.

Speech Pathology Salary by Work Place

Source:All Salary and Employment Data featured in this article are from The Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Employment and Wages May 2012

Pediatric Speech Pathologist Salary

Speech therapy is often most effective when the patient is still young. Pediatric speech pathologists work exclusively with children. School districts employ speech pathologists, and their salaries are paid for by Medicare. School speech pathologists are either located in-house at particular schools, or they travel as needed within the school district. School-based pediatric speech pathologists work closely with teachers, administrators, and parents. Pediatric speech pathologists who are not employed by schools may either be self-employed, or employed by a medical facility such as a hospital. They may have their own office or visit the client’s home for sessions. The median speech language pathologist salary for speech pathologists employed by elementary or secondary schools is $66,440.

Adult Speech Pathologist Salary

Adult speech pathologists work with adults who have suffered a trauma or illness that impacts their ability to speak or swallow. These conditions might be caused by head injury, stroke, dementia, or illness such as Parkinson’s disease. Adult speech pathologists are often employed at hospitals, rehabilitation centers such as nursing homes, or in private settings. They are responsible for diagnosing the client’s particular issue, evaluating the severity of their client’s condition, and creating and executing a treatment plan. The median speech pathology salary for adult speech pathologists employed in nursing care facilities is $85,610. After reading this salary data, you may find yourself asking how can I become a speech pathologist?

Bilingual Speech Pathologist Salary

Bilingual speech pathologists are in high demand for individuals who speak English as a second language and have difficulties with speech. Bilingual speech pathologists are trained to determine whether the individual has a true communication disorder or simply struggles with English language acquisition. If there is a communication disorder, it must be treated in the individual’s primary language. As Spanish is the fastest-growing language in the U.S., speech pathologists fluent in Spanish may be in high demand in certain areas. Schools with large populations of Hispanic children, as well as hospitals in areas with high Hispanic populations, often seek bilingual speech pathologists. The average speech pathologist salary for bilingual speech pathologists ranges across the income spectrum as bilingual speech pathologists may choose to work as a specialty within a specialty for all speech pathology vocations.

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