Online BIS Masters Degree

While earning a business information systems masters degree online, courses examine how to leverage information technology to help organizations achieve business goals. This includes acquiring, storing, and analyzing data to help create models to drive strategic decision-making. Plus, by choosing to earn your degree online, you may access course materials and assignments whenever it’s convenient for you. This may be the perfect option for those with family and work responsibilities.

Did You Know? By 2020, IT departments will have to manage 50 times the amount of information, 75 times the number of files, and 10 times the number of virtual and physical servers, all with only 1.5 times the number of IT professionals to manage it all.

Business Information Systems Masters Degree Online: What You’ll Learn

As information systems and business have become so intertwined, while earning your business information systems masters degree online, most schools look at how to provide technological solutions to the needs of an organization. Some of the other key topics that programs analyze include those listed here.
  • Manage complex enterprise technology systems
  • Manage risk mitigation
  • Evaluate data to create business intelligence
  • Evaluate the bond between user needs and business goals
  • Apply strategic planning methods for long-term solutions
In addition to allowing you to perform your coursework at your own convenience, choosing an online program may allow you a chance to communicate with your professors and classmates at any time through chat, email, and other platforms. This may allow you to easily share information and ideas in real-time without having to wait for office hours or class to start, which may help develop relationships faster than in traditional learning formats.

Common Online Business Information Systems Courses

Many of the courses you may take while pursuing your business information systems masters degree online look to combine business principles with the technical components of information technology. Therefore, many courses study how to design appropriate software system structures that fit into an organization’s environment, needs, and technical ecology. Through online coursework, you may be able to meet students and professors from all around the world. This may give you a different perspective on the needs of companies and organizations in different cultures. You may also develop global communication skills, which have become so important in the modern business world, especially in the technology field. Check out the list below for some of the courses you may take while earning your online masters degree in business information systems.
  • Integration of Information Technology and Business
  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Complex Information Technology Global Enterprise Systems: Planning and Management
  • Information Technology Management Principles
  • Database Design and Management
  • Information Technology Strategic Management
  • Leadership in Business Systems Development
  • Project Management Concepts
  • Management of Information Security
  • Practical Data Science Using Machine Learning
Keep in mind that each school has a unique design. Therefore, specific courses, curriculum, and names may be different. This is especially true if you choose to pursue your masters degree with a concentration. Check out a few schools to find one that synchs up with your dreams.Top Online Masters Business Information Systems Degrees

Concentrations Available for Online Masters in Business Information Systems Degree

Many schools that offer a business information systems masters degree online allow you the option to choose a concentration for your degree. This may allow you to tailor your course of study to achieve future professional goals upon earning your degree. Plus, those who work full-time while pursuing a masters degree may be able to immediately apply techniques and concepts, such as different methods to protect information and networks from cyber attacks. Some of the concentrations available for a masters degree in information systems include the following.
  • Basics of Data Analysis
  • Database Design
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • General Information Systems and Technology Management
  • Managing IT Resources
  • Digital Forensics
  • Information Systems Security
  • Project Management
  • Database and Internet Technologies
Check with a few schools to find one that allows the concentration that you’re looking for, as each school may not offer all of those listed above.

What Is Computer Information Systems?

Computer information systems (CIS) includes all of the processes, equipment, and people involved in the dissemination of information within an organization. This includes the critical processing of business information, which may help each of the departments of these organizations:
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Security
The main function of CIS is to use information technology (IT) subcomponents to ensure users can process, store, access, and use data and information.

Difference Between Information Technology and Computer Information Systems

IT is a component of CIS. Therefore, as opposed to dealing with all of the equipment, processes, and people involved with acquiring and disseminating data, IT is the study, design, implementation, support, and management of the computer-based systems. As a result, it deals more with the hardware, software, databases, and networks. IT provides the structure so that information systems can acquire and use the data collected.

Information Systems Masters Degree Online: Basics

Most schools that offer a business information systems masters degree online prefer that you have earned a bachelors degree from an accredited school with a 2.3 GPA or higher. Many schools have additional requirements. These may include earning your bachelors degree in information technology, information systems, or a similar technology degree, or that you have a number of years of professional experience in the field in order to avoid prerequisite coursework. Some of the other admissions requirements for online masters degree in business information systems programs include those listed here.
  1. Transcripts
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Resume
  4. Letters of Recommendation
Keep in mind that each school has different admissions requirements. Therefore, check with a few schools to find a perfect match for your academic and personal goals.

Online Masters Degree in Business Information Systems: Graduation Requirements

Upon completing all required courses, many business information systems masters degree online programs ask that you complete a capstone or thesis project. This allows you to take the skills and knowledge you have acquired during your curriculum and to present contributing research to the field of information systems. Typically, it takes full-time students two years or less to earn their masters degree. However, it may take longer for part-time students. Keep in mind that each school has their own requirements. For instance, some schools ask that you complete a capstone or a thesis, while others may not have this requirement at all. Check with a few options to find the perfect program for you.

Common Careers in Business Information Systems

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the number of computer and information systems managers to grow 15% during the 10 years from 2014 to 2024.i Typically, those in this position analyze their company’s technological needs and make recommendations for possible upgrades. They may also oversee the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, as well as ensure the security of the company’s data.ii Some of the other jobs you may pursue upon earning your business information systems masters degree online, and their 2016 median annual salary, are listed below.
  • Computer and Information Systems Managers: $135,800iii
  • Computer Systems Analyst: $87,220iv
  • Software Developers: $102,280v
  • Information Security Analysts: $92,600vi
  • Computer Network Architects: $101,210vii
Each of these positions normally only requires that candidates have earned a bachelors degree. However, many firms may prefer candidates who have a masters degree and years of experience in the field.viii

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