Online Masters in Business Analytics Programs & Schools

Masters in business analytics online programs explore the many ways to store, analyze, and understand data. Programs might look at the collection stage—acquiring information in the first place—as well as the tools a company uses to organize it. Some programs may also cover the retrieval and analysis of data to improve business results. You might even focus your studies on the needs of certain types of roles or industries. And you could do it in a convenient digital format.

Choosing a Masters in Business Analytics Online Program

Business analytics is a relatively broad topic. Therefore each online business analytics masters program may have its own unique focus and approach. Some programs might allow you to concentrate on a certain area. Others might be a little broader in scope. As such, when choosing a masters in business analytics online program, it may be helpful to first identify your interests and goals. In other words, consider whether you’re more interested in working directly with data to find information, versus using that information to build business strategies. Each of these might be addressed in different masters in business analytics online program.

Potential Masters in Business Analytics Online Areas of Focus

Some examples of focus areas you might find include the following.
  • Business Intelligence: In some cases, “business intelligence” and “business analytics” mean basically the same thing. When they’re used in a different way, “business intelligence” is a little broader. Specifically, it refers to the whole process of gathering data, storing it, retrieving, and analyzing it. These programs may be great for students looking to explore data usage from start to finish.
  • Business Analytics: Business analytics tends to focus on the technical side of business intelligence, and might lend itself to a more concentrated program. Courses may cover data retrieval, statistical analysis, reporting, and other similar topics. These programs might also emphasize areas like math and database management.
  • Information Management and Assurance: These kinds of programs typically teach how to store and access data on an enterprise level. For example, courses could look at building databases and data warehousing. They might also talk about enterprise tools used to access information and create reports. Some may also touch on information assurance and security practices.
The specific focal points or concentrations offered may vary by program. If you’re looking for a certain area of focus, follow up with the programs you’re interested in for more information or to answer any of your questions.

Types of Online Business Analytics Masters Degrees

In addition to focusing on different aspects of business analytics and intelligence, programs might award a few different types of masters degrees upon completion. In some cases, the differences between degrees might come down to the conventions at that school. In other cases, the type of degree could tell you a little bit about the program and its approach. The following two degrees may be the most common.
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS): Programs offering an MS in Business Analytics tend to be a little narrower in focus, with an eye toward research and technical responsibilities. They tend to focus on analysis, statistics, and other more technical topics.
  • Business Intelligence MBA (Master of Business Administration): MBA programs in business intelligence typically aim to help students become more generalized experts. Programs might look not just at analytics, but also how business intelligence contributes alongside other business and leadership skills. Programs may combine core courses in business with electives to provide more concentrated studies.
This may not be an exhaustive list of degree types. Additionally, some online masters in data analytics programs may differ from these descriptions. If you have any questions or concerns, reach out to the school you’re looking at for more information.

Example Online Masters in Analytics & Business Intelligence Courses

When choosing your online business intelligence masters program, it’s important to review courses to ensure your program teaches the kinds of things you want to learn. Below are some of the course topics you might find.
  • Statistics: These courses examine the mathematical principles behind statistical analysis. In addition, classes might also look at how to apply those principles when querying and analyzing real data.
  • Programming: Many programs dedicate some time to learning programming. This could support data management, analytics, data mining, and more. Specifically, courses might look at programming languages that could be used in database management. A few examples include SQL and Python.
  • Predictive Analytics: These types of courses focus on how to use data to figure out what might happen in the future. They aim to do this by using data mining, modeling, and statistical analysis. These projections could be useful in making important decisions, as well as in risk management.
  • Data Mining: These classes cover how to retrieve relevant data to answer specific questions. Classes might also teach how to build and run effective reports, and other relevant subjects.
  • Data Management: These courses touch on building databases and maintaining infrastructure. Courses could even survey different enterprise platforms companies might use to access stored data and report on it.
These are only a few examples of the kinds of courses that could be offered. The curriculum at your selected online business analytics masters program may vary. For more information, reach out to your selected school!

Why Earn a Masters in Business Analytics Online?

Earning an online masters in business analytics could bring flexibility to your studies. This might apply not only to your schedule—for example, helping to balance class with a career—but also to location. You could enroll in a program that focuses on what you want to learn, without worrying about how close it is to home or the office. This may be especially important as online masters in business analytics programs can greatly vary. With online learning, you could be less limited in your selections and more likely to find one that matches your interests and goals. Plus, you may not have to sacrifice community for convenience. Some online course modules and programs build networking opportunities into their programs. They might do this using forums and social media to help students connect, both in a course and outside of it. Your professors may also be available through email, chat or other online platforms. This could allow you to enjoy the flexibility of studying online while still harnessing the potential networking benefits of a classroom.

Potential Masters in Business Analytics Salary & Career Info

Earning a masters in business analytics online could support the pursuit of a variety of career paths. Here are a few examples, as well as the 2015 median annual salary.
  • Operations Research Analyst – $78,630 (2015 BLS Median Annual Salary)
  • Statistician – $80,110 (2015 BLS Median Annual Salary)
  • Management Analyst – $81,320 (2015 BLS Median Annual Salary)
  • Market Research Analyst – $62,150 (2015 BLS Median Annual Salary)
Individual positions and types of positions may vary in terms of entry-level requirements. Statisticians typically need a master’s degree at the entry level. Other types of positions may only need a bachelor’s. However, specific employers may prefer masters degree candidates over those with bachelors degrees, and masters education may affect opportunities higher up the ladder.

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Now you’re equipped with the information you need to start your search for a masters program in business intelligence. The academic path you choose may depend largely on what you plan to do after you complete your degree. To a certain extent, you want to not only prepare yourself with an education but also the ‘right’ education for the type of career you want to lead.

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