Job Options for MBAs

MBA Job optionsThe MBA is a degree that may help individuals pursue potential career opporunities in a variety of industries. Earning an MBA may help you pursue a career as a leader within an organization because the training provided in an MBA program is intended to help develop the way you think about an business. A graduate degree in business administration teaches you how to synthesize available information about an organization to make decisions that will help grow the business.

The MBA career you might pursue depends on your unique professional background, skills, and interests. Many leaders in notable companies have earned a MBA, but you might be surprised by the number of mid-level managers and other working professionals that have also earned an MBA. There are several concentrations within the business world that are commonly accepted as areas of business, but maybe more important than an academic focus may be the fact that you might be able to leverage your MBA degree to perform work in several business areas at once. A MBA may also help you facilitate communication between different business units and ensure your team is moving towards achieving your company’s strategic goals.

In addition to being interested in a specific concentration, some individuals earn their MBA to qualify for a more executive role. Do you know what an executive MBA is and how that may benefit you? Explore the different types of MBA programs and concentrations to find the best fit for you. Below are eight major business categories in which many MBA careers may be pursued. From accounting to consulting, HR to IT, there’s bound to be something to interest most business-minded folks. Remember, you do not have to put yourself in any one particular box, but you should know that you will likely be expected to be conversant in each business area after earning your MBA.

Types of Potential MBA Jobs


Accounting Jobs for MBAsAccountants manage and prepare finances and taxes for individuals and organizations. Business administration jobs in accounting may range from staff accountant to Chief Financial Officer.


Marketing Jobs for MBAsIndividuals working in the field of marketing create campaigns to generate interest about a product, service, or person. Marketing exists in all types of organizations, from foodservice to healthcare to education to transportation. Common business administration jobs in marketing might include; director, manager, and specialist positions in areas like market analysis, branding, and public relations. Many MBAs focused in marketing are targeting CPG companies (consumer product goods) such as Kraft or Unilever, which recruit candidates mainly from MBA programs.


Finance Jobs for MBAsThose in finance generally help people and companies make financial decisions. Jobs for MBA graduates with a concentration in finance might include financial analyst, finance director, or portfolio manager

Information Technology

Information Technology Jobs for MBAsThe MBA with a concentration in information technology may qualify you to oversee projects, networks, and manage teams. MBA jobs in information technology might include; computer systems analyst, business architect, or a chief information officer (CIO).

International Business

International Business Jobs for MBAsInternational business professionals are skilled in navigating the global economy. Typical employers might include banks, multinational corporations, NGOs, and transportation companies, among others. These business administration jobs usually involve sales and marketing skills. Job titles for MBA graduates with a concentration in international business might include; international customs manager, international marketing manager, or business development manager.

Human Resources

Human Resources Jobs for MBAsHR employees are responsible for hiring, retaining, and terminating workers. They may also oversee and administer benefits and compensation, and direct training programs. A business administration job for an individual with expertise in human resources may pursue a job as a benefits specialist, human resources manager, or a personnel director.


Entrepreneurship Opportunities for MBAsEntrepreneurs own their own business (or businesses). Like many of the jobs described above, you don’t necessarily need an MBA to pursue becoming an entrepreneur; although it may help you master and hone many of the skills you’ll need. Entrepreneurship is risky business, but the rewards – both in terms of personal growth, finances, and education – might be tremendous.


Consulting Jobs for MBAsConsulting may be a popular MBA job; consultants have expertise in a particular area, which they then provide to organizations on a contractual basis. They work with companies for a set amount of time to help the company implement special projects, usually related to improving some aspect of the company. Like entrepreneurs, consultants’ salaries range dramatically.


Management Jobs for MBAsThe business management degree is more of a generalist degree than some of the others – it may qualify you to work in a wide range of settings.

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