Landing A MBA Internship

MBA Internships are an excellent way to potentially gain skills and experience in your field of study and they might even lead to a full time employment opportunity. Many companies may be interested in recruiting high performing MBA interns as future employee candidates because they have proven their knowledge, skills and work ethic in an on-the-job setting.

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You could significantly enhance your resume with meaningful new work experience through an MBA summer internship. This might be particularly helpful if your desired job, post MBA, is a diversion from your current career. In addition to experience, with the right attitude you might be able to make many new business connections, which may help you pursue your dream job.

Step 1: Get an Interview for an MBA Internship

Start early looking for the right summer internship position and put together a strategy to get yourself an interview. Many applicants will be going after the same opportunities so make sure your resume stands out and is tailored to the specific position. The best way to pursue an interview is to call upon your networking skills. Reach out to recruiters, professors, and past alumni that now work at your company of interest, or try to connect to 2nd year MBAs currently interning there. LinkedIn can be particularly helpful in identifying connections you have in common with a particular company. Build up your network and don’t be afraid to politely call upon your connections for assistance with introductions.

Step 2: During the Interview

Once you get an interview, prepare yourself for the big day. Do your homework researching the company and familiarize yourself with their website and social networking sites. Make sure you are knowledgeable about their products and services and/or any current promotions they are running. Look sharp in your appearance and dress for the career you want to have. During the interview, listen carefully to their questions and be thoughtful in your responses using specific examples when answering questions. Throughout the interview, be mindful of your body language and maintain an open and positive presence. In closing the interview, ask when they expect to make a decision.

Step 3: Proper Follow Up

Make sure you take the time to follow-up your interview with a thank you note, preferably hand written. This simple step can help you stand out and is an excellent finishing touch that really shows your class as an outstanding candidate. Perhaps you were the first of several interviews, a thank you note will bring you back to the forefront of your interviewers mind.

The best things in life come to those that are patient and thorough. Chances are you will not land the first internship position for which you interview. Make sure you have a back-up plan and apply for several positions and don’t get discouraged if your dream internship doesn’t come through. Be diligent and keep at it. Your persistence and positive attitude will pay off in the long run.

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