Iowa Business Administration Hybrid Masters Programs

Hybrid Business Administration Masters programs are designed for today’s busy professionals. Many are offered by brick and mortar universities. They respond to MBA students who need to balance work, family, travel and academic goals. Main features include web and team-based projects and learning tools.

Top Hybrid Business Administration Management Master Degrees

What is a Hybrid Business Administration Masters Program?

Hybrid Business Administration Master's programs are also referred to as “Blended Learning”, “Flexible” and “Saturday” MBA programs. Adapted to fit the needs of the working, on-the-go adult, they blend online and in-person classes. Students get to interact face-to-face with professors and foster personal, mentoring relationships. At the same time, virtual classes that are accessible from anywhere lend convenience.

Blended Business Administration Masters Degree: The MBA

As a professional practice degree, the MBA curriculum often uses case studies and ‘applied’ courses. For instance, you may learn how economic principles relate to profit optimization. The courses in an MBA program are relevant to modern management. Each school has a unique syllabus. Some general examples are listed below.

  • Financial recording and reporting
  • Effective marketing
  • Interest rates
  • Cost planning and marketing
  • Business analytics
  • Role of IT
  • Taxation
  • Self-employed career planning
  • Personnel and coaching

DID YOU KNOW? Per DATA USA, 125,844 Master’s degrees in business administration and management were awarded in 2014.i

How Long is a Hybrid Business Administration Master's Program?

Full-time hybrid business administration graduate programs can take the average student about 2-years to complete. ‘Full-time’ usually refers to how many courses a student takes per semester. Usually this amounts to about 10 to 12 credits per semester. In some schools, students may be able

to complete a full-time hybrid MBA in one year or 21 months. This will depend upon how many credits you need to take and how many credits you choose to take per semester.

Are There Part-time Hybrid Business Administration Master's Programs Available?

It is common to find part-time hybrid Business Administration graduate programs. ‘Part-time’ is often taken to mean evening and or weekend classes. Students in part-time programs tend to take fewer courses per semester. This may stretch the time to completion. The average length of time for part-time MBA degree completion is two to three years.

How Many Credits is a Hybrid Business Administration Master Program?

There is often a required minimum of 30 to 33 credits and a required maximum of 45 to 60 credits for an MBA program. The number of credits required by a hybrid business administration graduate program depends on two factors.

  • What is your prior education?
  • Do you have any professional experience?

In some schools, students who have a Bachelor of Business degree may have foundation courses that are eligible for waiver. Work history may also count for credit. Each school has their own policies.

What is the GMAT?

The Graduate Management Test, or GMAT is a standardized exam. It is intended to predict how students will fare academically in MBA (Masters in Business Administration) programs. GMAT scores are often used by graduate business schools to make admission decisions. Some graduate schools waive GMAT scores for MBA students with extensive work experience.

Why Consider a Hybrid Business Administration Master's Degree?

If you are someone who values the personal handshake, enjoys interaction, and meeting people eye-to-eye, a blended online may prove to be the best of both worlds. In addition, often the blended learning degree programs are based on cohorts. The same group of students can form strong bonds and tight-knit teams. Real time discussions and group participation also strengthen communication skills.

Develop Leadership Skills

One of the hallmarks of many MBA programs is that it trains students to lead within business settings. Blended business administration graduate degree programs can do this through live leadership skills classes. Here students learn the value of feedback and self-assessment. They often participate in role plays, decision making exercises and group problem-solving. These in person meetings can be a great way to learn.

  • Time and stress management
  • Power and influence
  • How to motivate others
  • Conflict management
  • Team leadership

Networking Opportunity

Some hybrid Business Administration graduate programs include a regional student orientation. This is a chance to network. It may also fulfill the professional development and team building components of the MBA program. Also, students may have access to a variety of career and employment services through their school. This may include employer contacts and outside of school networking opportunities.

Competitive Edge

Are you hoping to boost a current career? Transition into a supervisory position? Working students may look to a Hybrid Business Administration graduate program to carve a competitive edge. Learn how to lead, manage projects and think critically. All the while, learning at your own pace. Plus, you may be able to integrate examples from your own work life within your classes.

Build a Resume: Choose a Concentration

Do you have special interests? Are you hoping to develop expertise in one area? Choose a hybrid business administration graduate program with a focus. Concentration areas often cover industry ‘best practices’. Concentrations can show mastery in a subject area and add a level of skill to your resume. The area you select is usually listed on your degree transcript after you complete your MBA program. A sample of concentration areas is listed below.

  • Business analytics
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Accounting

Think Forward

Are you someone who thinks forward? Earning an MBA or Masters degree in Management may be a platform for a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA degree).

Find Accredited Hybrid Business Administration Master Programs

Look for hybrid Business Administration graduate programs from accredited universities. The Department of Education recognizes six regional agencies. This stamp of quality control means the faculty is legitimate, and the school itself has been reviewed.

Beyond that, a regionally accredited school may have accredited MBA programs. They accrediting agencies specialize in business programs. They have their own standards for what is taught. You are usually assured curriculum uses relevant and current theory and accepted professional standards. Plus, a school will have to undergo review (again) to keep its status. Three of these agencies are as follows.

  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), founded in 1916;
  • The Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) inception in 1988;
  • The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), formed in 1997;

Other agencies are the Association of MBA’s (AMBA) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS).

Blended learning is a great way to access your academic goals. At the same time, you don’t have to give up your career or miss out on peer interaction. Find a business administration graduate degree that aligns with your goals. Use the on-page navigation to review paid listings. Connect with business grad schools directly and efficiently with the ‘request info’ button.

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