Is an eMBA Program Right for Me?

In this article we help answer the question "Is an eMBA Program Right for Me"?

Executive MBA programs have steadily gained popularity in recent years. This popularity is largely due to the structure of these types of programs. eMBA programs offer scheduling and coursework options that are meant to accommodate busy working professionals. Executive MBA programs typically offer flexible class scheduling and coursework is largely centered on learning from the experiences of other professionals in the classroom.

You may want to consider these questions as you explore the option of enrolling in an executive MBA program:

Do you have a body of professional experience that would help you contribute to classroom discussions with other professionals?

Most Executive MBA candidates have been working professionally for a number of years. Some eMBA programs will specify the number of years of work experience an applicant should demonstrate in order to be considered for the program. Minimum work experience requirements are a unique and important feature of eMBA programs. The goal of admissions staff is to assemble a cohort of students who will learn from each other’s professional experience as well as their instructors.

Could earning an eMBA potentially help you to achieve your career aspirations?

Individuals who are currently working in a wide array of industries may find that earning an Executive MBA may help them develop skills that could potentially enhance their careers. Individuals who have work experience in technical fields such as science or engineering might choose to earn an executive MBA to enhance their managerial skills to potentially pursue career opportunities as team leaders, or pursue a career in an entirely new field. Individuals who are already working in a business related field might choose to earn an eMBA to refresh their knowledge of business theory, make new professional connections, or develop expertise in a new area of business.

Can you attend classes on evenings and weekends?

The majority of eMBA classes are held in the evenings and on weekends. Professionals who spend a great deal of time traveling for work, or working odd hours may find it difficult to attend classes in a traditional classroom setting. These individuals may find that it is better for them to earn their eMBA online.

Will you have enough time to manage your personal, professional, and academic responsibilities?

Coursework in eMBA programs is often demanding and time consuming. While curriculums will vary among programs, students can expect to be required to participate in large scale group projects, take exams and complete homework assignments, and (in some cases) maintain a minimum GPA.

How will you finance your eMBA?

Enrolling in an executive MBA program may be costly. Financial aid and scholarships may be available for qualified candidates, but these opportunities can sometimes be limited. Some companies may be willing to help employees pay for some of the costs associated with continuing their education, but there are often many stipulations associated with these types of benefits.

Figuring out whether or not now is the best time for you to return to school is the first, and most important, step in the process of applying to and enrolling in an eMBA program.

Did you answer the question is an eMBA Program Right for Me?

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