Business Prep Master Degree Programs

A business prep degree is a great way to prepare for a rewarding career in a number of industries. Many business prep programs get students ready for an MBA. Others provide ...

business training to help students get ahead on a chosen career path. Business prep degree programs provide the crucial training and skills needed for success in any industry. If you earn a business prep degree, you can expect to learn the basics of important subjects like accounting, marketing, economics and management. A solid foundation in business may be important for many fields. Once thought to be the sole purview of dedicated business professionals like accountants and executives, organizations like startups and small businesses may have broadened to population of individuals who might benefit from a business education. Not everyone comes out of their undergraduate or master's program with a business-related degree. For some, this knowledge gap might be perceived as a barrier to achieving other professional goals. Enrolling in a business prep program might help some bridge this gap.

If you’re looking for a business prep program, you have a lot of interesting possibilities. If you’re just getting started, you can try a Pre-MBA Preparation Program or a Graduate Certificate in Business. If you’re looking to increase your marketable skills, you can earn a Masters in Information Technology Management, a Masters in Internet Technology or even an MBA.

With, you can filter your search by the type of degree you want. If you are considering an MBA but need more business training, then a Graduate Transition Certificate for the MBA may be right for you. Or you can earn a Graduate Certificate in Economics, Business and Public Administration. There are even MBAs for business prep students.

With you can search by location too. Filter your search by city, state or country to find the place that works best for you. Start your search for business prep programs today!

Business Preparation Program Curriculum

Many students pursuing a business prep degree may lack basic foundational elements that often come with undergraduate business studies. As such, business prep programs tend to focus on instilling this basic knowledge in students who may not have that background. Programs focus on business theory, particularly as it can be used in an applied real-world setting. Topics covered may range from business theory to more practical skills-based subjects like management.

Another common aspect of business prep courses is to give prospective students without a business background the guidance, time and knowledge to prepare to pursue a Master of Business Administration. Some MBA programs might prefer applicants with a background in business that means students coming from another background might need to first acquire some business acumen. Some business prep programs might focus on preparing students to take the Graduate Management Admission Test, since the GMAT might be a required application element by some MBA and other business-related programs at the graduate level.

Business Salary Potential and Job Outlook

Business prep is a unique course for prospective graduate students to pursue in that it's primarily meant to

help ease the transition from non-business fields of study into MBA programs or business careers. Graduates may be able to pursue further business education through an MBA program, or they may wish to take knowledge gained through the business prep program and apply it to their professional endeavors. This tactic may be appealing for entrepreneurs and small-business owners. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the 2012 median annual salary for business executives in top positions was $168,140, with a projected 11 percent growth anticipated through 2022.1

Another profession that a business education might prepare students to pursue is that of a management consultant. Rather than run a business of their own, these professionals work with other companies to improve their efficiency and profitability. According to the BLS, management analysts reported a 2012 median annual salary of $78,600, with jobs expected to grow by 19 percent through 2022.2

Is Enrolling in a Business Prep Program Right for You?

Business no longer occupies a specific niche of the educational and professional world. The creativity of people of all backgrounds that has contributed to the rise of the startup means that business acumen is more essential now than it's ever been, even for those who don't necessarily have a foundation in business fundamentals.