5 Most Affordable MBA Programs

Figuring out what is an affordable MBA program is tough. Some of the top ranked business programs could wind up costing you buko-bucks. As a future business leader you need to determine if the investment will pay off. Surprisingly, there are some affordable options among the top ranked MBA programs in the United States.

MBA Cost

Did you know that earning your MBA from Brigham Young Universities Marriot School of Business could cost you as little as $44,460 for two years of tuition? The graphic below summarizes the costs of some of the top ranked business administration graduate programs in the country.

The affordability of some of the United States top ranked MBA programs is encouraging for individuals who want to earn an MBA on a budget. Keep in mind you may still be able to get access to a high quality education without attending a top ranked school. There are literally thousands of high quality MBA programs available online and throughout the country.

Affordable MBA Programs 

Affordable MBA

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