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Online Masters in Cancer Biology, Microbiology and Immunology Programs offer learners an in-depth understanding of the function and role of microbial life through the study of microorganisms.  Earning an online Microbiology masters of science degree might be a more convenient learning format for currently working microbiologists who are seeking career advancement. An undergraduate microbiology degree is considered sufficient for entry-level positions, however, Microbiologists commonly need a Ph.D. to carry out independent research and work in colleges and universities. Graduate students studying microbiology often specialize in a subfield such as bacteriology, clinical microbiology or immunology.

Online Cancer Biology Degree Program Information

Online Microbiology Masters of Science Degree Program Overview

Online Microbiology Masters of Science Degree programs prepare students to work as microbiologists who employ biotechnology to understand more about cell science and reproduction, as well as human disease, such as cancer. An online Master of Science (M.S.) in Microbiology program emphasizes the importance of research, and supports students who aspire to become professionals in the biological field or enter a Ph.D. program. A student working toward this degree may be required to demonstrate aptitude in molecular biology, immunology, microbial physiology and general microbiology.

Admission to an online Masters program in Microbiology and Immunology requires a Bachelor’s degree in the biological sciences. Laboratory experience is also a plus; undergraduate microbiology programs often include a mandatory laboratory requirement, but additional laboratory coursework is recommended. While there are accelerated one-year programs, the average length of an online Microbiology masters program is two years. Naturally, students are advised to verify with the college they are considering. Duration is also affected by whether one is a full-time or part-time student.

FUN FACT: Microbiology students may be able to gain valuable laboratory experience through internships with prospective employers such as drug manufacturers.

Is an Online Masters in Cancer Biology Right For You?

Online Microbiology Masters programs are tailored to professionals so they can continue working while they earn their degree. If a program is fully online, students often have access to the same faculty and courses as on-line students, Online Master of Science in Microbiology and Immunology programs may be intensive and offer asynchronous or synchronous options. Distance-learning requires an excellent computer set-up, a web cam and reliable internet. Students who are independent learners may enjoy setting their own schedule and making use of virtual libraries and other online resources to perform research. If this sounds like the best option for you, scroll through the listings for Online Microbiology Masters programs such as MSc in Infection Prevention and Control or Online Clinical Microbiology Masters.

Potential Online Microbiology Masters of Science Curriculum

Microbiology is multidisciplinary in that it encompasses other scientific disciplines such as oncology biology, clinical and environmental biology, microbial biotechnology, genetic engineering, immunology, molecular biology, and genomics. Some of the courses student might find in an Online Microbiology Masters of Science degree program might include:

  • Infectious diseases
  • Bioinformatics
  • Genetics
  • Virology
  • Immunology
  • Metabolic regulation
  • DNA and RNA viruses

Potential Career Paths For Masters in Microbiology Graduates

Earning an Online Microbiology Masters degree prepares students for PhD Microbiology programs. This level of education may open up higher-level positions, including research and academia. While the projected employment growth for microbiologists between 2014 and 2024 is slow (4%), according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, progress in the development of new medicines and treatments is expected to increase the demand for microbiologists in pharmaceutical and biotechnology research. Job titles reported by Microbiologists include:

  • Bacteriologist
  • Clinical Microbiologist
  • Microbiology Laboratory Manager

Ready to Pursue an Online Microbiology Masters Degree?

If all that is holding you back from earning a Masters of Science in Microbiology is that you live too far from a graduate school or you have to maintain your work-life, an online format may be a great fit. Educational technology has evolved so that distance-learning creates a virtual classroom setting and keeps students connected to each other and to their faculty via digital tools. Why not browse through the directory to find an accredited program that aligns with your goals!

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