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Are you drawn to the fields of health and medicine? Do you have a special interest in biomedicine? If so, earning an online Masters in Biotechnology Degree may help prepare you to pursue a wide variety of potential career paths in fields including; management, marketing, laboratory science, research medicines, and pharmaceuticals.  Examples of Biotechnology science in action are found virtually everywhere we look, from our morning cereal, to the coffee filters, to the aspirin we might take for a headache. Biotechnology involves the use of both biology and technology to solve cultural and scientific concerns that we face today.

Careers for people with a Biotechnology Masters Online degreePotential Career Options for Graduates of an Online Masters in Biotechnology Degree Program

Pursuing an Online Masters in Biotechnology has the potential to pave the way for professionals to pursue careers in any number of businesses and research facilities that form the biotech industry.

When researching the different biotechnology graduate programs, there are a variety of different types of Master’s Degree options that may be available to you. Some Master of Science in Biotechnology programs focus on helping students learn how to engage in research, lead lab teams, apply research modalities to projects, and make development, planning, management and marketing decisions.


  • Biotechnologists help astronauts deal with effects of weightlessness[i]

  • 70% of all processed food items readily available in the supermarket owe their existence to biotechnology[ii]

Online Master of Science in Biotechnology Courses and Curriculum

Some Online Master of Science in Biotechnology programs allow students to tailor their coursework to suit their individual career or research goals. Students might have the option to concentrate their studies on specific topics within the field like as part of some Online Biotechnology Master degree programs such as biodefense, bioinformatics, biotechnology enterprise, regulatory affairs, and drug discovery.

Program curriculums can vary; some of the courses you might find in a M.S. in Biotechnology might give you a comprehensive foundation in topics such as:

  • Applied Science
  • Basic Science
  • Lab Science/Industry focus
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular biology
  • Cell biology
  • Genomics
  • Protemics

Some master’s degrees within the field of Biotechnology have concentrations and will involve coursework particular to the emphasis of study. Students can choose to concentrate on areas such as biosecurity and bioterrorism, biodefense, and the business of biotechnology. Students can also pursue Masters in Drug Discovery or learn about Prosthetics and Orthotics.

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