Master Degrees in Biotechnology Programs

Considering a Masters in Biotechnology Program or reviewing options for Masters Degrees in Biotechnology? A Masters in Biotechnology can open up exciting opportunities in a variety of fast growing fields. 

Careers for people with a Biotechnology masters degree

About Masters in Biotechnology Programs

Biotechnology is a challenging field that can involve a number of facets of both science and business or law. Many biotechnology master's degree programs focus on aspects of biology, cell biology, chemistry, or biological or chemical engineering. In general, biotechnology degrees involve research whether they are at a Masters or PhD level.

Scientific understanding is rapidly evolving, particularly in areas of cellular and molecular systems. Biotechnology master's students can therefore enjoy rich study opportunities particularly in fields such as genetic engineering, the Human Genome project, the production of new medicinal products, and research into the relationship between genetic malfunction and the origin of disease. These are just a few of the many areas that biotechnology students have the opportunity to explore today.

Another focus of biotechnology masters programs may be to equip students with the combination of science and business knowledge they need to help produce products and move them toward production. Today's complex business environment and government regulations require many steps and people with the ability to both understand and help produce new scientific technologies as well as get them approved and be able to market them.

Potential Career Opportunities for Individuals with a Masters in Biotechnology

Master degrees in biotechnology might prepare students to pursue careers in a variety of industries. While many students go on to further research or academic positions, there may also be some demand for biotechnologists outside of academia, both in the government and private sectors. Biotechnologists might pursue careers in anything from research to applied science and manufacturing. Those with specializations in business aspects of biotechnology may be qualified to pursue management positions within organizations attempting to produce and market new biotechnology.

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