Philadelphia Hybrid Master's Degrees in Biochemistry

Hybrid masters programs for biochemistry majors combine the flexibility of online learning with the in-person interaction of campus-based biochemistry masters programs. Plus, you can take advantage of student services, activities, and clubs on campus, which may be a great way to meet people and build your professional network.

Hybrid biochemistry masters programs help prepare students for different roles by providing them with advanced knowledge and skills in the field. If you choose to pursue a career as a biochemist or biophysicist after earning your biochemistry masters degree, you can expect to perform some or more of the following: managing laboratory teams and monitoring quality of work; planning and conducting complex projects involving basic and applied research; isolating, analyzing and synthesizing proteins, DNA and enzymes; researching the effects of drugs, food and hormones on biological processes; and preparing reports, research papers and recommendations based on findings.

Explore the program details and choose the option that best works for your interests and career goals. It’s that easy—get started today!

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