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Online Masters in Cultural Studies​ Programs General Info

Graduate students looking for a convenient way to study the history and cultures of different geographical areas and ethnic groups might find that an Online Masters in Cultural Studies​ Program offers a viable alternative to on-campus study. An online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary degree where students get a foundational knowledge in cultural theory and practice so they can connect a particular ethnic group or area to art, communities and society as a whole. 

Masters in Cultural Studies Online degree programsCultural Studies includes area ethnic or gender studies. As an academic field, ethnic studies explores theories of race, migration, social policy and historical instances regarding various ethnic groups, such as American Studies, Irish Studies, and Asian Studies. Gender studies examines how the different sexes handle various issues and includes feminist and masculinity theory, and theories regarding sexuality, gender roles or types of gender social systems.

Students may gravitate to an online Cultural Studies Masters Programs if they are passionate about social justice, interested in history, sociology, or wish to learn how to work effectively for racial, gender, economic and environmental justice or in a helping career such as social work.

Why Choose an Online Masters in Cultural Studies Degree?

Students might gravitate to an online Masters in Cultural Studies Program if they have current job or family obligations, cannot afford the time to commute, or live too far from the School they wish to attend. Today’s online programs are often run from the same schools that offer on-campus programs, so you are still getting a quality education, just learning from a distance. Digital tools keep you connected to your faculty and classmates, as well as provide online libraries and research tools.  As

most Masters degrees in cultural studies are research-focused, this may lend itself well to a web-based format.

Some of the things to consider when contemplating an Online Cultural Studies Masters degree program include:

  • Do you work well independently?
  • If you are able to log into your courses at your own discretion, will you have the self-motivation?
  • Do you have a working computer and reliable Internet?
  • If you are studying from home, will you be free enough of distractions to focus?

Browse through the selections on to find the program that aligns with your interests. You might find listings such as Online Community Development Master’s Degree, online Masters in Ethnic and Multicultural Studies, or Online Masters in Jewish Studies. If an online degree does not appeal to you, you can consider enrolling in a campus masters in cultural studies program. There are also option where you take some classes online and some in a classroom setting with a hybrid masters in cultural studies program

Potential Coursework in Online Cultural Studies Masters Programs

Courses and curriculum vary depending on the Area, Ethnic or Cultural Studies, program you are choosing. Some of the methods of inquiry and research may be similar in that your program may include:

  • Group research
  • Writing
  • Film analysis
  • Archival Studies
  • Oral History

Some of the courses that students in Cultural Studies Masters Programs might explore may include:

  • Global culture and media
  • Comparative nationalism
  • Gender theory
  • Cultural politics

What types of Jobs Are Available to Masters in Cultural Studies Graduates?

The Master of Arts in Cultural Studies, as a Liberal Arts Degree may not prepare students for one particular career. However, graduates may find that they are prepared for a variety of potential jobs, or, may choose to continue their studies with a doctorate degree to achieve an end goal.

Explore a Potential Career in Area, Ethnic and Cultural Studies: Sociologists

Graduates aspiring to a career as a Sociologist typically need a Master’ degree for entry-level jobs. Sociologists study society and social behavior.  They examine groups, cultures, organizations, social institutions, and processes that develop when people interact together. They typically do this through data collection and analysis as well as write reports with their findings. Sociologists may specialize in a variety of topics such as ethnic and racial relations, gender, crime or poverty.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows little to no employment growth of sociologists, and reports that candidates with a PhD and strong research skills will have the best prospects while master’s degree holders may find positions in social services, education, healthcare, public policy, or other areas not listed “sociologists” [i] 

Sociological research is important to Administrators, educators, lawmakers, and social workers who use it to solve social problems and formulate public policy. The median annual wage for sociologists in May 2014 was $72, 810, and the highest paid wee employed in research and development in the social sciences and humanities, as well as government and educational services.[ii]

Ready to Pursue an Online Masters in Cultural Studies Degree?

Students interested in engaging in research-based work, and gaining skills in a variety of research methods, including ethnographic, textual and performance-based styles might find that earning an Online Masters Degree in Cultural Studies offers them transferable job skills. Why not look into programs to find the one that aligns with your interests using the search tools on today!

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