Cleveland Jewish Studies Master Degrees & Graduate Programs

Are you interested in Jewish culture, history, religion, literature or language? A Masters degree in Jewish Studies may be a great option for you depending on your goals and interests. You can choose a general course of study or potentially specialize your degree in subjects such as Holocaust Studies, Hebrew, or Jewish Education.

There are many master’s level programs you might consider including a MA in Judaic Studies, a MSJS Master of Science in Jewish Studies or a joint degree program such as a joint MBA, dual MPH, or combined MEd and MA in Jewish Studies. These degrees may help prepare students for a variety of careers including academic, non-profit, public health, social work, or private business opportunities.

You will want to consider the program format as well. You may prefer an online masters in Jewish studies program for the flexibility or a campus-based Jewish studies masters for the face-to-face interaction and networking opportunities. You can search for programs by city, state, or country to find a masters degree. Some programs incorporate a part of the masters program in Israel. Students have the opportunity to witness first-hand the current state of the nation.

Start your search today to find the Masters in Jewish Studies that best suits your goals and interests.

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