Boston MA Campus European Studies Graduate Programs & Graduate Schools

A campus European Studies program can be a great way to get started down the path to an exciting career. European Studies is a broad topic and can include things like European history, languages, economics, politics and culture. Lately many students are interesting in studying the European Union. With all these possibilities, a campus European Studies degree may lead to a job in a range of industries, like education, government, banking or the law.

Europe has dozens of countries and cultures, which means that there are many different types of campus European Studies programs. Students can earn a Campus Masters in International Relations or a Campus Graduate Certificate in Modern European Studies. Campus PhD students might specialize in Italian Studies, German Studies or Central and Eastern Europe.

Campus programs have a lot of advantages because they allow for networking opportunities, friendships and face-to-face time with instructors. If you’re looking for a campus European Studies program, can make it easier for you. Filter your search by master’s degree, certificate or PhD. Then filter your graduate degree search by city, state and country—many European Studies programs will help you study abroad!

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