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For graduates who enjoy supervising a project from beginning to end, possess keen deductive reasoning skills and are passionate about the creative and building process, pursuing a Master’s in Construction Management Degree may help you pursue leadership roles in the industry.

Construction Management Campus Masters degree program informationAs time goes on, it is becoming more vital for construction managers to earn a bachelor’s degree in construction science, construction management, architecture, or engineering. As construction processes become more complex, employers are placing greater emphasis on specialized education[i]. According to BLS data, employment of construction managers will grow 16% from 2012 to 2022; earning a Masters in Construction Management on Campus​ Degree may just be the edge that sets you apart from the competition in this field[ii].

Potential Benefits To Enrolling In a Masters in Construction Management on Campus Program

If you are someone who is looking to enhance your career within the construction management industry, you might consider that advanced education may prepare you to pursue higher level jobs; for projects too large to be managed by one person, such as office buildings and industrial complexes, a top-level construction manager hires other construction managers to be in charge of different aspects of the project. Each construction manager would then oversee a specific phase of the project, such as structural foundation, plumbing, or electrical work, and choose subcontractors to complete it. The top-level construction manager would then collaborate and coordinate with the other construction managers.[iii]

Construction Management Masters Programs might help students acquire the knowledge and expertise so they may be prepared to pursue careers as leaders in the construction industry. The

Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of construction managers will grow 16% from 2012 to 2022; earning a Construction Management masters Degree may just be the edge that sets you apart from the competition in this field[ii].

How Do I find a Masters in Construction Management on Campus Program? has easy to use search tools to help students locate accredited campuses offering Masters in Construction Management Degree program. You can begin with a location search; use the tabs to enter a city, state or country where you would like to study and review the listings. You May find different MS Construction Management programs to choose from, as well as some specialized Degree programs within Construction Management such as MS Foundation and Construction Engineering, Master Architectural Engineering or MS Structural Engineering and Construction Management.

Learning on a college campus could be rewarding. You might build and create new social networks, cultivate different interests, and certainly, have face-to-face time with professors and classmates. You also gain access to the amenities and events on campus, whether you enjoy college football, using the library, the athletic facilities, or computer labs!

What Qualities Might I cultivate In Construction Management?

Some of the skills that Construction Managers might cultivate include[i]:

  • Analytical Skills: Most construction Managers plan a project strategy, and have to be able to do cost estimation, handling unexpected delays, and solving problems
  • Business Skills: Managers need to address budget concerns, coordinate and supervise workers
  • Customer-Service Skills: Construction Managers are in constant contact with owners, inspectors and workers
  • Decision-Making Skills: Choosing personnel and subcontractors for different projects and tasks
  • Initiative: Self-employed construction managers need to be able to develop new and maintain existing business. Construction Managers held about 485,000 jobs in 2012 and approximately 57% were self-employed[iv]
  • Leadership Skills: Managers must be able to effectively delegate tasks
  • Time-Management Skills: Construction Management requires meeting deadlines
  • Writing Skills: Managers are required to write proposals, budgets, document the construction process

Potential Career Paths For Masters in Construction Management on Campus Management Graduates

  • Construction Managers: Professionals who have earned a Masters in Construction Management or MBA in Construction Management plan, direct, or coordinate, usually through secondary supervisory personnel, activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, and systems. They also participate in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling, budgeting, and implementation[v]. The median annual wage for Construction Managers in 2012 was $82,790[ii].
  • Civil Engineers: design, construct, supervise, operate, and maintain large construction projects and systems, including roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. The 2012 median pay for this field was $79,340[vi].
  • Architectural and Engineering Managers: plan, coordinate, and direct activities in architectural and engineering companies. The 2012 Median pays for this occupation was $124,870[vii].
  • Architects: plan and design houses, office buildings, and other structures. The 2012 median pay for architects was $73,090[viii].
  • Cost Estimators: collect and analyze data in order to estimate time, money, materials, and labor required to manufacture a product, construct a building, or provide a service. They generally specialize in a particular industry or type of product. The 2012 median pay for cost estimators was $58,860[ix].

Ready to Pursue a Masters in Construction Management Degree on Campus?

If you are presently looking for a masters program that combines your abilities in business, technology finance, and architecture, pursuing a construction management masters degree might help build a bright future in a variety of career paths for you. Start reviewing accredited construction management schools on now!

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