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Students in a Masters in Archaeology online program become well established in both the theory and application of archaeology. An Online Masters in Archaeology program prepares learners with the intensive knowledge, research skills, and practical experience necessary to advance in an archeology career or continue on to pursue a Ph.D. in Archaeology. A master’s degree in archaeology can typically be completed in two to three years, although program length varies from university to university and may be different for an online format.

Masters in Archaeology Online Degree Program Information

Explore an Online Masters in Archaeology Program

Online Archaeology Masters programs may be a good fit for students with an undergraduate background in archaeology, anthropology, history, geography, or a related area. Nonetheless, students with degrees in unrelated areas who have completed the necessary prerequisites in archaeology may be eligible for admission as well. Admission to online Archaeology Masters programs is usually available to both students with BA degrees in the liberal arts that have considerable experience in archaeology and those seeking to build a solid foundation for future work or study.

Most Masters programs in Archaeology culminate with the completion of a thesis in which students select a relevant research question in the field of archaeology, review the applicable literature in the domain, and conduct their own original research with the goal of answering that question. Students may also be required or encouraged to participate in a supervised internship, fieldwork or laboratory practicum in which they utilize their archaeological skills. These internships take place at approved sites in the public and private sectors, such as cultural resource management companies, heritage sites, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, or museums.

FUN FACT: 42% of archaeologists have a Masters Degree


Potential Benefits to Online Masters in Archaeology Programs

With the advances in educational technology, some colleges and universities have distance-learning options. This is great news for students who need the convenience of a virtual classroom so that they can schedule study where and when they are able. Virtual libraries make research possible and digital tools keep students connected to classmates via group forums and to faculty via email and web chat.

This being said, online Masters in Archaeology degree programs may be harder to find due to the heavy fieldwork involved in this discipline. Students aspiring to an archaeology career will likely need master's level training, but students interested in advanced technical positions may need to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) instead.To find an online program that aligns with your goals, simply use this setting on Some of your choices might include MA in Cultural and Regional Studies, or Online Master in Archaeology. Requesting information from the school is a perk of searching from the site!

Potential Online Curriculum in Archaeology Masters Degree Programs

In general, Masters Degrees in Archaeology focus on uncovering, interpreting and preserving material human history. Students could learn how to discover new sites and artefacts, or glean new insights into famous objects and their histories. Archaeology often overlaps with areas of the Humanities such as history, sociology, geography and language studies. However, some programs draw on advanced scientific techniques for excavating and identifying objects.

Students are often able to specialize in a particular sub area of archaeology such as:

  • Museum studies
  • Forensic anthropology
  • Heritage studies
  • Archaeological science
  • Classical Anthropology

Potential Career Paths in Archaeology

Unsurprisingly, the specialist skills you acquire with a Masters degree in Archaeology may equip you well for associated professional roles. These are more diverse than you might assume. While there are certainly archaeologists out there excavating materials on site, there are also professionals planning excavations, writing about their experiences and research, or analyzing finds in museums or laboratories around the world.

Other job opportunities for postgraduate archaeologists may potentially be  found in associated areas such as museums and heritage industries.

Students of archaeology also develop strong transferable skills in project management, critical thinking and analysis that are valuable in a wide range of career paths. Some of the job titles for archaeologists might include:

  • Associate Director
  • Curator
  • Director of Research Center
  • Principal Archaeologist
  • Project Director
  • Research Archaeologist

Ready to Pursue a Masters Degree in Archaeology Online?

Archaeologists carry out research to reconstruct and record materials of past human life and culture. This can range from human remains, artifacts, architectural features, to structures recovered through excavation, underwater recovery, or other means of discovery. If all that is standing between you and your degree is limited time to commute or another reason that makes campus-based programs impossible, try an online format!

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