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Earning your hybrid masters degree in adult education may be a perfect option if you enjoy teaching others skills that may enhance their careers. Hybrid masters in adult education programs focus on providing you the expertise to create coursework and overcome the unique challenges facing adult learners. And by pursuing your degree in a hybrid format, you may take courses both online and on-campus so that you potentially get the benefits of both learning styles. This may provide you with the flexibility of online learning and the face-to-face interactions and structure of traditional, on-campus settings.

If you think teaching adults may be a rewarding career path for you, continue reading to learn all about hybrid masters degree in adult education programs. You’ll find how hybrid learning may prepare you for teaching adults in a number of settings, such as in a classroom or training remote employees online, potential courses you may take, and potential career opportunities upon earning your degree. Then, click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn more about individual programs.

Fun Fact: 70% of organizations say that one of their top five challenges is the “capability gaps” in employees, which means their skills don’t match job requirements. Many companies also say that it takes 3-5 years to take a seasoned professional and make them fully productive. Training and development specialists may help companies address this challenge.

Hybrid Masters in Adult Education Degree Programs: Basics

In a hybrid masters degree in adult education program, you will likely study theories and best practices surrounding the planning, creation, delivery, and evaluation of lessons for adult learners.[i] Adult learners face unique obstacles, such as readjusting to the rigors and requirements of school. You may learn how to best help them overcome these challenges, as well how to accommodate many different learning styles and students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Specific courses may include Adult Learning Theory, Curriculum Development and Instructional Design, and Instructional Strategies for Adult Learners.  

You will also likely study how to apply these methods and tactics in a variety of different settings. Your hybrid masters degree in adult education might prepare you to provide professional development and training for a business, nonprofit organization, or government agency. Or you might decide to bring your knowledge and skills to a classroom and teach ESL students or those pursuing their high school equivalency diploma.[ii]  Whichever you prefer, by earning your masters in adult education, you may be prepared to help adult learners overcome the obstacles they face and have a positive impact on their lives.

Typically, hybrid masters in adult education programs take two years for full-time students to complete, though some programs may take longer depending on course requirements and when courses are offered. Most require applicants have already earned a bachelors degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA. Other programs may require a certain number of years of professional experience as well, or that you’re currently employed so that you can have a platform to apply the theories and techniques you may learn. It’s important to note that all programs have different admissions and graduation requirements. So be sure to research individual schools to see which ones you qualify for and which may be your perfect match! Click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn about the requirements for individual programs. 

Best of Both Worlds: Benefits of Hybrid Education

Earning your masters in adult education through a hybrid degree program may provide you with the best of both worlds. Taking some classes online and some classes on-campus, you may get the flexibility and convenience of online learning and combine it with the structure of face-to-face classes. On-campus, you could access computer labs, libraries, and student services. Plus, time in the physical classroom may provide more opportunities to network with classmates and professors. Take these benefits and combine them with the freedom online learning, and many students may feel hybrid programs are a perfect choice.

In fact, using technology to earn your degree may directly help you prepare to pursue a career as an adult educator. As technology continues to improve, live video feeds, webinars, and infographics may help some students learn better and enhance knowledge retention.  Today, most companies rely on technology for training.[iii] Therefore choosing a hybrid program and gaining experience with the tools of online learning, such as effective online communication and the multimedia listed above, may help enhance your career.

Choosing the Perfect Hybrid Masters in Adult Education Program: MA, MS, and MEd

When pursuing your hybrid masters degree in adult education, you may choose between earning a masters of arts (MA), masters of science (MS), or masters of education (MEd). All of the different degree options focus on helping to prepare you to teach future adult students. However, each may better prepare you for different roles. For instance, an MA degree may focus more on preparing you for teaching in various settings. On the other hand, an MS degree may be better suited for you if you wish to pursue a career in educational research. Meanwhile, an MEd degree may prepare you to enter into the education system focused on curriculum and strategy. Understanding how the different masters degrees may prepare you for different careers could help determine which is a perfect program for you!

Potential Careers in Adult Education

While there are a number of different careers you could pursue after earning your hybrid masters in adult education, three common professions are training and development specialists, ESL and high school equivalency diploma teachers, and training and development managers.  While a bachelors degree is typically required for entry into these positions[iv], some businesses are looking to fill training and development manager positions with candidates who have a masters degree.[v]

Training and development managers are responsible for creating and developing training programs to meet an organization’s goals and oversee the creation of training materials.[vi] The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) expects the number of training and development managers to increase 7% during the years 2014 to 2024. That’s because most companies will continue to develop and use technology in their training programs, such as mobile learning and visual

The BLS also expects the number of adult literacy and high school equivalency diploma teachers to increase 7% during the same time period. Immigration to the United States is expected to continue at current rates. Therefore, immigrants who don’t speak English well enough, as well as other illiterate adults, will likely look for help developing the literacy needed to find and keep employment.iii  While you may only need a bachelors degree to become a basic literacy and high school equivalency diploma teacher, some positions, such as for community colleges, prefer candidates with a masters degree.iv As demand grows, now may be a perfect time to pursue a career as an adult educator.

Take the Next Step to Earn Your Hybrid Masters Degree in Adult Education!

Earning your hybrid masters in adult education degree may provide you with the skills and expertise potentially necessary to help adult learners enhance their careers. So, if you enjoy helping others learn, and want to help adult learners develop skills that may impact their lives, click on any of the sponsored listings on this page to learn more about individual programs. Then, contact the schools directly to request more information to find the perfect program for you!

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