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Online Masters in Accounting programs offer working students the opportunity to maintain professional responsibilitieswhile advancing their education in order to stay current ...

in a competitive marketplace, as more employers are selecting applicants who have a master’s in accounting degree, or in business administration with a concentration in accounting (BLS). If you have graduated with a Bachelor's in Accounting, it may be to your advantage to earn a graduate degree, and distance-learning may make this opportunity more accessible. 

Masters in Accounting Online Degree Information

Why Consider an Online Masters in Accounting Program?

If you’re considering a Masters in Accounting but can’t afford to sacrifice your professional and/or family duties to earn one, an online accounting masters degree from an accredited university or business school may be the ideal way to do it. Some graduate accounting degrees make up for the extra 30 credit hours needed to qualify for the CPA exam if you did not take an undergraduate program where these requirements were met, but are also valuable continued education if you are a Chartered Public Accountant and need to maintain your credentials.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when evaluating your options for distance-learning:

  • Online study is a good learning format for someone who is self-motivated.
  • Choosing the computer over being a commuter may save you time.
  • Typical web-based accounting programs are flexible and geared for busy working professionals. Coursework is usually completely online, and students have the freedom to access course content when it's convenient for them.
  • Digital tools are used for research, connecting to faculty, making contributions to online discussions and brainstorming with peers

If this sounds right for you, review sponsored listings for online masters in accounting programs on If you open up a few different programs in your browser, it gives you the chance to analyze them, check their faculty, accreditation, tuition, admissions requirements, and curriculum. For instance, you may find choices such as online Master of Business Administration-Accounting Emphasis Master’s Degree, Master of Accountancy, Master of Accounting With a Concentration in Business Valuation, MA/Accountancy, Master of Science in Accountancy, or online MS in Accounting – Forensic Accounting.

Online MBA Accounting or Online Masters of Accounting?

Graduate students who have an interest in enrolling in an online accounting masters program will soon find out that many different degrees are available. Each degree has the potential to take you in different directions with your future career.   

Online Masters in Accounting

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in accounting, the masters in accounting requires an extra year beyond this, and students will focus on a particular area in accounting. Some of these specializations include tax accounting, forensic accounting and auditing. With the potential of opening the door to higher positions in the accounting field, graduates may then be considered a specialist with their concentration.

Online MBA in Accounting

A master’s business administration degree (MBA) with a focus in accounting may help prepare a student to become a certified public accountant. In the United States today, most states require that a student have a minimum of 150 credit hours in order to take the CPA exam, although rules will vary state by state, though. Students who intend on taking the CPA exam should note that they should prepare early, as this is a very extensive and challenging exam to pass.

Potential Online Curriculum

Typically, e-learners in MAcc or other graduate accountancy programs gain extensive knowledge about auditing, investment analysis and law, taxation and ethics. Other topics of study might include subjects such as:

  • Forensic accounting
  • Intermediate and advanced financial accounting
  • Managerial accounting
  • Accounting information systems
  • Internal and operational auditing
  • Auditing
  • Assurance/risk assessment
  • Taxation of corporations and individuals

Take the Next Step 

Whether you are continuing your education to potential advance an existing career, update your credentials, or prepare yourself for a career in accounting, there is no time like the present to begin reviewing choices in online accounting masters degrees on!