International Virtual Univeristy ( U.K )

International Virtual Univeristy ( U.K )

undergraduate education , postgraduate education , Master of Business Administration , MBA , Bachelo



Program Information

Degree Offered:

Master of Business Adminstration , Bachelor of Business Adminstration

Format: Online

Program Description:

If you are motivated ,self-disciplined, and eager to further your education,the International Virtual University (U.K). IVU provides adult Higher Education . It was developed to meet the needs of adults by offering non-resident degree and other programs on an international basis. The programs have been organized and developed using as a starting point the "off-campus" external degree concept tried and tested by the various "universities without walls". The International Virtual University is an international institution registered , established and accredited in the Channel Islands (U.K) , which has many students all over the world.


International Virtual University is accredited by the government of the channel islands ( U.K ) . an