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Purdue University Global Milwaukee , WI  
  • Learn to address the complexities of developing and administering services for children and families. This concentration includes an emphasis on human development, resiliency, family theories, and advocacy. more >

  • Gain the knowledge and skills to work with diverse funding sources, influence policy, supervise staff, and develop and administer programs or interventions that address community needs. more >

  • The Master of Science in Information Technology is designed to teach you communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and technical competencies to help advance your career.* Study how to evaluate the theory, principles, and practices of informati... more >

  • Examine the business side of technology. Focus on analysis and development of decision support systems, business intelligence, knowledge acquisition and representation models, data mining concepts, algorithms, and applications. more >

  • In today’s world, protection of data is serious business. Explore everything from fundamentals, such as viruses, worms, and other malicious software, to higher-level aspects of IT security like network defense, ethical hacking, and computer forensics. more >

  • Whether you aspire to or currently work in a regulated field or within the legal framework or process, gaining advanced insights into the law could help you increase your effectiveness and career opportunities.* Legal knowledge is no longer solely in de... more >

  • Whether you are looking to build upon your existing career or pursue an exciting, new profession, the online Master of Science in Management and Leadership degree at Purdue Global is designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills to help you make... more >

  • Examine the role of management in improving the quality and utilization of health care services. Graduates may pursue positions in doctors’ offices, medical and surgical hospitals, home health care, outpatient centers, and more.* * Purdue Global cannot... more >

  • Study human resources development (HRD) management processes from a strategic HR perspective. Analyze theories and practices as they relate to human and organizational development. Review major internal and external factors that affect employee behavior... more >

  • Prepare to pursue IT leadership or management-level positions in service organizations or business, health care, military, government, or nonprofit settings.* Study methods for finding innovative solutions to an ever-increasing array of business and IT... more >

  • Examine various leadership approaches and methodologies that could prepare you to manage in today’s business environment. Study how to effectively lead individuals and teams in diverse corporate environments. Explore coaching and mentoring techniques an... more >

  • Explore organization development and the nature and types of changes organizations experience as they grow, downsize, or relocate to accommodate dynamic market conditions. Graduates may pursue positions in a range of fields, including human resources, m... more >

  • Focus on strategic project management with an emphasis on planning, executing, and controlling phases of a project life cycle. Study to develop skills to help increase the bottom line for organizations in a variety of industries.* * Purdue Global canno... more >

  • While a bachelor's degree may qualify you for many nursing positions, some nursing career paths require a master's degree. The master's degree in nursing at Purdue Global is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (www.aacn.nche.edu... more >

  • Combine your current nursing skills with training in the safe, effective practice of primary care for the management of acute and chronic health problems of adult patients. As a student in this population focus area, you will participate in a clinical p... more >

  • Focus on developing courses and programs that integrate nursing philosophy. Examine the applications and both the ethical and legal issues related to the use of technology in teaching. Analyze assessment, measurement, and evaluation methods used in nurs... more >

  • The Master of Public Health could prepare you to seek leadership and managerial positions in governmental, nonprofit, and private organizations in the public health industry.* Purdue Global’s Master of Public Health could help you develop the administra... more >

  • Purdue Global’s Master of Public Administration could help you gain the edge to become more marketable and advance in a career in public service.* Career-driven curriculum is aimed at building your skills and knowledge in areas such as ethics and leader... more >

  • Health information management is a diverse, rapidly evolving field with many opportunities for qualified professionals. Purdue Global’s interdisciplinary Master of Health Information Management program helps prepare you to pursue positions in technology... more >

  • Improving the health care system means integrating innovative technology into patient care. Purdue Global’s interdisciplinary Master of Health Informatics helps prepare you to utilize information technology and information management concepts to improve... more >

  • America’s health care system is expected to undergo radical changes. Future medical and health services managers must be prepared to handle complex new developments in technology, economics, ethics, finance, policy, and management. With a Master of Heal... more >

  • Purdue Global’s online Master of Business Administration program is designed to maximize your talent, while preparing you for career advancement and professional growth in a global economy.* The School of Business and Information Technology offers you o... more >

  • The Master of Science in Human Services program is designed to prepare current professionals for leadership positions in a variety of nonprofit, government, or private agencies that help drive positive change for families and communities.* As a student,... more >

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