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MilwaukeeAre you interested in studying graduate programs in Milwaukee? Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, located in the southeast part of the state on Lake Michigan. Milwaukee is one of the great industrial centers in the country and one of the largest Great Lakes ports. Milwaukee's high-tech manufacturing community is one of the largest among the nation's major metropolitan areas.

Milwaukee was once known as a “beer town,” and almost 11% of the nation's malt beverage is produced there. Milwaukee is a popular venue for sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, ethnic dining, and cultural festivals. Often referred to as the City of Festivals, Milwaukee has various cultural events which take place throughout the summer at Maier Festival Park, on the lake. It also is home to a variety of museums, focusing on art, science, natural history and social/cultural history.

As of a 2013 estimate, Milwaukee had a population of 599,164. This is a 0.7% change from April 1, 2010 to July 1, 2013. 22.1% of the population has a Bachelor’s degree or higher, and the median household income is $35,467. The median age of residents is 30.3.

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