Medical College of Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Medical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee , WI  
  • MCW’s Pharmacology & Toxicology PhD program emphasizes research in areas such as cardiovascular pharmacology, neuropharmacology, molecular toxicology, cancer pharmacology, and addictive behaviors, among others... more >

  • Our jointly offered Biomedical Engineering graduate programs with Marquette University bring together the strong curricular expertise and industry relations of Marquette University with the research infrastructure and clinical partnerships of MCW... more >

  • MCW’s Public & Community Health PhD program is the first of its kind in the state of Wisconsin and integrates traditional public health sciences with direct community engagement... more >

  • The MCW Center for the Study of Bioethics has been a pioneer in bioethics and research ethics education and remains a leader in these fields with a proven record of excellence.  The Center offers a Maser of Arts degree in Bioethics.  The MA... more >

  • MCW’s Physiology PhD program emphasizes research in areas such as cardiovascular physiology, renal and respiratory physiology, genomics, proteomic and computational biology, among others... more >

  • MCW’s Biophysics PhD program features two primary areas of research: Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Molecular Biophysics... more >

  • The Neuroscience Doctoral Program at MCW is devoted to training the next generation of neuroscience researchers. more >

  • MCW’s Biostatistics PhD program provides students with the opportunity to learn and gain experience in collaborative statistical analysis and research design through consultative services... more >

  • MCW’s Biochemistry PhD program provides research opportunities in the areas of cell regulation, cell signaling, gene transcription, and protein function, among others. more >

  • Physicians trained to be competent clinicians and carry out research in one of the rapidly advancing areas of the biomedical sciences are in a unique... more >

  • The Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences is committed to preparing graduate students for research careers in the 21st century through an integrated approach to cutting-edge scientific problems.  The core curriculum provides a strong... more >

  • MCW’s Microbiology & Immunology PhD program emphasizes research in areas such as bacterial/microbial pathogenesis, cancer, immunogenetics, immunotherapy, and microbiomes, among others... more >

  • MCW’s Cell & Developmental Biology PhD program provides research opportunities in the areas of mitochondrial gene expression, neurobiology, neurodegeneration, ocular biology, and organ development, among many more... more >

  • The Medical College of Wisconsin and Milwaukee School of Engineering have combined their expertise to offer a joint Master of Science degree in Medica... more >

  • The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences has as its primary mission the provision of graduate study and research training opportunities for degree-s... more >

  • This program provides for overlapping course work to be performed while simultaneously working toward both an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engin... more >

  • The Graduate Program in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics is designed to prepare individuals for a career as professional research... more >

  • The Division of Biostatistics offers a PhD designed for students with strong undergraduate preparation in mathematics.  Curriculum includes a sound foundation in statistical theory and applications, and substantial training in statistical consul... more >

  • Our program provides doctoral research training in cell and developmental biology and the neurosciences.  Students enter via Interdisciplinary Programs in Biomedical Science and Neurosicen and prepare through coursework, seminars, journal clubs,... more >

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