Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University: Blacksburg, Virginia

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg , VA  
  • Programs can be designed to specialize in areas such as bioprocess engineering, bioprocess modeling, biodegradation of polymers, biomass conversion, food engineering, protein engineering, protein recovery and purification, biopharmaceuticals, metabolic... more >

  • The college prepares vocational and technical teachers, researchers, administrators, curriculum specialists, and others to assume leadership roles in public and private education; local, state, and national government service; international educational... more >

  • The department teaches, researches and provides outreach programs focused on applied Human Development -- emphasizing a life-span approach focused on individual and interpersonal development and interactions. more >

  • Our program offers a strong education in advanced topics in computer science and an opportunity to participate in diverse research projects. A special strength of our department is in human-computer interaction. more >

  • The areas of specialization are as follows: 1. Aero-Hydrodynamics (M.S., M.Engr., and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering). 2. Dynamics and Control (M.S., M.Engr., and Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering). 3. Structures and Structural Dynamics (M.S.,... more >

  • The Center for Public Administration and Policy is committed to a "praxis" concept of integrating theory and practice. The intellectual and theoretical concerns of the academy and the "real world" problems of the working manager are seen as twin forces... more >

  • Food science and technology is the application of science and technology to the processing, preservation, packaging, distribution, and utilization of food and food products. The field continues its growth of the last several decades. Excellent career op... more >

  • Areas of specialization include behavioral genetics, cytogenetics, molecular biology and genetics, evolutionary and population genetics, quantitative... more >

  • The department offers graduate programs leading to the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. Graduate programs in chemistry consist of individually planned schedules of course work coupled with directed laboratory research programs. Programs of study are offered in a... more >

  • Both, thesis and non-thesis options are available to students in the Master's degree program, as well as the Applied and Industrial option which includes an internship. Some experimental Ph.D. areas provide students with opportunities to do research at... more >

  • "The Pamplin Professional MBA offers a new delivery format which is designed to appeal to working professionals with at least 3 years of business expe... more >

  • The Pamplin MBA program at Virginia Tech offers students an exceptional educational experience, with the quality and challenge expected of a well esta... more >

  • Department ranks as one of the top 10 programs in all categories measured by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). more >

  • The College of Human Resources and Education ranks among the leading programs of its kind in the United States and was ranked first in production of theses and dissertations for the past five years. The faculty are regarded as productive scholars and le... more >

  • The College of Human Resources and Education ranks among the leading programs of its kind in the United States and was ranked fi... more >

  • The department of Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences focuses on four major areas - 1) Crop Genomics and Breeding, 2) Management of Crop, Forage, and Turf Agroecosystems, 3) Managing Wastes and Nutrients to Enhance Soil and Water Quality, and, 4) Wetla... more >

  • Gerontology is the study of aging which includes examining the process of aging; the physical, social, economic,emotional, and political ramifications... more >

  • The MSE Department, with its 15 faculty members, offers both masters and doctoral degrees in all areas of materials science and engineering including biomaterials, ceramics, composite materials, electronic materials, metals, and polymers. more >

  • The focus of the Architecture program at Virginia Tech is on the education of each individual student as they seek a position in the world of architec... more >

  • Marriage and Family Therapy is a discipline for people who are interested in providing mental health services to individuals and families from a systems or relational perspective. Graduates of the Master's Degree program will have met the academic requi... more >

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