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Degrees Offered:

Master of Arts in Health Arts & Sciences

Format: Hybrid

Program Description:

Part of the Goddard Graduate Institute, the Master of Arts in Health Arts & Sciences is an interdisciplinary degree founded on the principle that community health, personal health and the health of the natural world are three dimensions of the same whole. Healing, germane to a whole person, is only possible within the context of establishing a healthy social and natural environment that includes one’s family, culture and the ecological region. Our vision and philosophy are based on three themes:

  • Nature: Study of natural, ecological and biological health to recognize, understand and protect the synergistic relationship between human health and so-called natural systems, from the human body to the earth.
  • Culture: Study of the broader socio-cultural dimension of health and healing, mindful of diverse values, biases, and practices that create healthier cultures and improve social health.
  • Healing: Study of diverse healing philosophies, theories and practices, enabling an integration of multiple perspectives and approaches with respect for and an understanding of the complexities of practices that flow in and out of cultures in which they developed.

The Master of Arts in Health Arts & Sciences degree requires 48 credit hours (four semesters) or 36 credit hours (a three-semester study track for professionals who meet specific admissions criteria.

Students may undertake theoretical and practical study in such areas as community and environmental health, women’s health and midwifery, men’s health, botanical medicine and ethnobotany, nutritional health, expressive arts, body and movement therapies, integrative health systems, integrative nursing, mind-body studies, ecopsychology, and cross-cultural healing.


Students pursuing the Master of Arts in Health Arts & Sciences may also choose the following concentrations:

The Consciousness Studies concentration focuses on understanding the origin, evolution, and expansion of human consciousness. This includes studying neurosciences, Jungian psychology, religious studies, philosophy of the mind, the arts, humanities, and much more.

The Embodiment Studies concentration places emphasis on human life as the life of the body. Students delve into somatic disciplines, health modalities, or the arts. They address the intersection of race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and more, while exploring areas such as trauma healing, movement or bodywork, visual culture, or anti-oppression work.

The Transformative Language Arts concentration uses the written, spoken, or sung word as a tool for individual and community growth. Placing equal emphasis on individual wellness and community wellness, the Transformative Language Arts concentration draws upon storytelling, creative writing, songwriting, drama, and other forms of communication to contribute to honoring community experience.

Concentrations predefine inter- and trans-disciplinary areas of study through a core set of readings and resources, learning areas and key concepts, and specify the way in which students must complete an identity statement and engage with the community through practicum, internship, fieldwork, or engaged practice. Concentrations within the program are highly individualized, guided by a unique study plan, developed by each student, to address learning needs and professional goals.


The Master of Arts in Health Arts & Sciences is offered in Goddard’s unique low-residency model, which removes the barriers between living your life and learning. In our low-residency model, each semester begins with an eight-day residency on our campus in Plainfield, Vermont.  Following the residency, there are 16 weeks of independent work and self-reflection in close collaboration with a faculty advisor and course mentors.

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