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Salt Lake City Colleges and Universities sit within the Salt Lake Valley in a city bordered by the Great Salt Lake and the strikingly beautiful Wasatch and Oquirrh mountains. A perfect place to live, work and study! Should you one day stand in the middle of Salt Lake City and turn a full 360 degrees, you will find yourself nearly surrounded by tall, steep mountainside, streaked black with glacial- and stream-carved canyons. Walk down Salt Lake City’s streets, with your eyes trained on the horizon, and you will find traces of an old mining town, still quaint and cozy, but now a vibrant and lively city in scope. Salt Lake City has a dynamic personality, one rooted in religion and devoted to nature, community, and the spirit of celebration in its modern day.

written by Annie Rose Stathes

A History of SLC

Salt Lake City’s founding occurred in 1847 with the arrival of Brigham Young, a politician and the second president of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints. He and other followers of the Church had fled religious persecution in the mid-western U.S. and settled in Utah, hoping to build a city devoted to their faith. Within days of their arrival, Brigham Young designated a site to build the Salt Lake Temple, which eventually became part of Temple Square.
Many battles, transformations, and evolutions of life later, Salt Lake City became a city not only built to support the Mormon faith, but also to host the 2002 Winter Olympics, devote its resources to recreational tourism, and embrace an increasingly diverse and inclusive population. Learn how to embrace modern technology to teach history and other subjects by earning a Master of Education in Educational Technology. Or, earn a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership to develop your leadership skills and guide teachers in imparting critical knowledge to students.

LDS Influence

Because of the city’s roots, Salt Lake City’s character circles in great part around the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or the LDS or Mormon Church. The LDS Church has its world headquarters in Salt Lake City, and its early influence is evident throughout the city, both physically and philosophically.
FOR EXAMPLE SLC’s street grid system is designed and built in such a way that the Church sits precisely at the city’s center; and, up until 2009, the city had strict limitations on when and where patrons could find and consume alcohol.
Other subtle characteristics mark the city’s Mormon influence: In some neighborhoods, old irrigation ditches run along plots, reminiscent of a template used to design Mormon towns. In others, note-worthily wide streets enabled pioneer wagons to turn around without “resorting to profanity,” as Brigham Young would say. These and other characteristics make the LDS Church’s influence clear.i Fundamentalist, liberal, and cultural Mormons embrace the LDS Church and its beliefs and traditions in widely distinct ways. Numerous expressions of the Mormon faith can be found throughout Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas.

One with Nature

Salt Lake City’s character also depends on its earliest resident: Mother Nature. The City and its residents love and treasure the great outdoors. Opportunities to bike, run, and otherwise be recreational outdoors are abundant, as are the possibilities of escaping in the surrounding parks, mountains, and valleys. Hiking, skiing, fishing, and camping offer city dwellers peaceful respite, and increasing recreational tourism inspires Salt Lake City to care for its natural boons in the long haul. Salt Lake City hosts an annual Earth Jam to celebrate Earth Day through music and community and the Live Green SLC festival, which showcases sustainable products, ideas, and solutions and promotes environmental education and sustainability. If Salt Lake City’s natural side appeals to you, consider pursuing a doctorate degree in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

A Full Calendar of Events

The spirit of celebration flows freely through Salt Lake City’s streets. SLC’s many festivals speak to its broader personality, which sprawls well beyond religion and nature. Festivals and other events take place throughout the year, in rain or shine, and pay homage to a diverse range of interests and cultures. Some of the city’s most popular festivals include:i
  • The Utah Arts Festival, an event that hosts visual and performance artists
  • The Utah Pride Festival, an event that has grown tremendously over the past several years to include more than 20,000 people
  • The Dark Arts Festival, a three-day festival devoted to goth and industrial subcultures
  • The Urban Arts Festival, an event that showcases and celebrates art and music, particularly of the jazz and hip-hop genres
  • The Jewish Arts Festival, an event that celebrates Jewish tradition and culture
  • The Sundance Film Festival, a global event that brings people across the film industry and culture together
  • The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, a life-performance event that involves music, dancing, theatre, spoken word, magic, puppetry, and more
  • The Living Traditions Festival, an event that celebrates the traditions and cultures of contemporary ethnic communities throughout the city
Religion, nature, and celebration are just three key factors of Salt Lake City’s personality. Each of SLC’s neighborhoods neighborhoods bring their own flavor to the mix.

Neighborhoods in Salt Lake City

Downtown Salt Lake City marks its position with a skyscraper-rich skyline complete with dome buildings, historical brick, and glossy modernity. The Mormon Temple is here, a building that sits alongside museums, restaurants, and shops. Downtown offers biker-friendly streets, bar-laden avenues, and a nightlife for relaxing post-studies. For residents who require an occasional taste of urban beauty, downtown is a great place to go. Central City reverberates the vibes of colleges in Salt Lake City and provides a laid-back, family-friendly, eclectic environment. Sculpture gardens and pools invite people to relax and enjoy, and leash-free parks and a dog-friendly culture provide space for dog owners to socialize with their pooches. Central City brims with the smells and flavors of an ethnic food renaissance, with international cuisine around many corners. Outdoor enthusiasts head here to pick up gear and buy goods for outdoor sporting. The Sugar House District is one of Salt Lake City’s oldest neighborhoods, and its historical place in the city balances with its forward-thinking populace. Artisan flair is the flavor here, and boutiques, galleries, and bookstores prompt people to buy local and support the community. The 110-acre Sugar House Park is a stunningly beautiful natural playground where people bike and hike, swim and climb. Trails, lakes, and forests abound. Capitol Hill is a hip and happening place that sits on Ensign Peak and offers amazing views of metropolitan Salt Lake City. The area brims with a blend of gothic architecture and Victorian homes, both of which dance alongside the Bonneville Shoreline Trail, yet another place for communing with nature and exercising. Coffee shops and roof-top restaurants make this a great place to meet friends for a scenic drink or a snack. University/Foothill, a college town at heart, is home of the University of Utah and many of its students. This is the place to be when you want to dance at clubs, hang out at bars, and mix with college students and the occasional professionals. University’s cultural current has a counterculture flair, evident in the neighborhood’s vintage and indie shops and much of its populace. Art museums and theatres add to its artsy vibe. Millcreek and Holladay act as gateways to skiing, hiking, and mountain climbing in the Wasatch mountains. Millcreek also offers recreation for adventurists and gamers who opt to stay inside: indoor rock climbing, bowling, and retro arcades. These are just some of Salt Lake City’s many neighborhoods you might find appealing. Hop on a bike and cruise down Salt Lake City’s bike-friendly streets, or utilize the city’s surprisingly extensive public transportation network, which includes bus service, light rail, and commuter rail.

Salt Lake City’s Economy

Salt Lake City’s economy is predominately service-oriented, and its major sectors include government, trade, transportation, utilities, and professional and business services. Tourism to SLC and its surrounding areas has been steadily since the 2002 Winter Olympics and also provides some heft to the economy.i The largest employer in the city is the Delta hub at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Not far behind are Intermountain Healthcare, the University of Utah, the Sinclair Oil Corporation, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.i Consider earning a Master of Science in Community Health from our sponsored college, California College for Health Sciences Online or a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from another sponsored college, the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, to pursue a career in Salt Lake City’s health industry. Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas also contain a few Fortune 500 and 100 companies (Huntsman Corporation, Zions Bancorporation, and Questar Corporation) and several headquarters for larger companies (such as Smith’s Food and Drug, FranklinCovey, and Studying at Salt Lake City colleges and universities could help you get a foot in the door at one of the city’s many economic sectors.

Salt Lake City Colleges and Universities

Explore these sponsored schools to find programs that meet your needs. If you don’t find precisely what you’re looking for here, browse through additional options on this page or refine your search using our search tool:      1. The University of Utah The University of Utah is a public, four-year, research university in Salt Lake City, Utah. It offers degrees at all levels, across disciplines. At the graduate level, students can earn master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, and postgraduate certificates on campus or online. Whether you want to study business, meteorology, psychology, pharmacology, education, or another subject, the University of Utah likely has options for you. 2. The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions The Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions is a private, for-profit institution in Provo, Utah. It primarily provides graduate-level education (master’s degrees, doctorate degrees, and postgraduate certificates) in areas of health. Physical therapy, healthcare administration, and nursing are just some subjects you can study at the RMUoHP. The RMUoHP also offers some options online.      3. Stevens-Henager College Stevens-Henager College is a private, for-profit school in Ogden, Utah. It is one of four institutions associated with the Salt Lake City-based Center for Excellence in Higher Education and offers master’s degrees in healthcare, business, and technology. The majority of its programs are offered online.         4. Brigham Young University Brigham Young University is a private, not-for-profit research university in Provo, Utah. Owned and operated by the LDS (Mormon) Church, Brigham Young offers nearly 100 master’s and doctorate degree programs in subjects across disciplines. Education, studio art, neuroscience, physiology, and just some of many subjects you might opt to study. Consistent with its association with the Mormon Church, Brigham Young embraces and endorses tradition and thought consistent with rules of the Mormon Church.

Explore Salt Lake City Colleges and Universities

These and other colleges in Utah offer a plethora of options for earning graduate degrees and certificates in Salt Lake City. You can start looking for programs at the schools mentioned above, or you can dive in deeper and use our site’s school finder to expand and refine your search. You can also use our search tool to refine your search and browse by program level, subject, or format. On this page, you’ll find graduate-programs options across Salt Lake City and in its surrounding areas, such as Provo, Ogden, and Draper. Should you wish to find other Utah colleges and universities, you can “Browse by Location” and opt to search by state rather than city. There are a variety of colleges and universities in greater Utah that may suit your needs.
  • Western Governors University

  • Wake Forest University

  • Grand Canyon University

  • Purdue Global

  • The Catholic University of America

  • Regent University

  • National University

  • University of Utah

  • Salt Lake Seminary

  • California College for Health Sciences

  • Northface University

  • Stevens-Henager College

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